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Last week, 12 large and small banks increased the interest rate of Hong Kong dollar time deposits, including the half-year increase of CCB Asia on September 2 (Friday), and the virtual bank ZA Bank (ZA Bank) to increase the interest rate for new users by an additional 1.7%, which is higher than the previous rate. 1 cm high.

For example, in the first two days of September, there have been 7 sales, except for Standard Chartered Hong Kong (02888)
In addition to raising interest rates across the board, on September 1 (Thursday), the three-month rate will be increased by 0.2%, and the half-year and one-year periods will be increased by 0.3%. There is also the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. (00388)
and Tencent (00700)
Participated in Fusion Bank and Hang Seng (00011)
All increased the half-year term, Chong Hing added 3-month short-term deposit, and Public Bank buried its hands in long-term interest.

Another 5 large and small banks made a final sprint at the end of August to catch the last train to raise interest rates. They are WeLaB Bank, a virtual bank of TOM Group, which has a new half-year term of 2.6%. is the highest interest rate.ICBC (Asia) increases short-term, medium-term and long-term interest rates more comprehensively, Fubon and Dah Sing (02356)
Doug adds the annual interest of different deposit periods, and Citigroup adds it twice a week.

Experts predict that the fixed deposit interest rate of Hong Kong banks will temporarily speed up and slow down. There are two main reasons. After the Federal Reserve Chairman Powell released the eagle, global stocks and bonds were scattered. (01211)
and it is rumored that Tencent plans to sell Meituan (03690)
and Kuaishou (01024)
Wait, negative news emerged, and the Hang Seng Index fell below 20,000 points, causing banks to scramble for defensive funds. Superimposed on the competition of bank bonds with a guaranteed minimum interest rate of 4%, the subscription of the elderly iBond has been closed, and refunds will be made on September 14. CNCBI announced that it will launch a bank bond refund offer. From September 14th to 30th, customers who use the bank bond refund to make a 6-month Hong Kong dollar time deposit can enjoy a preferential annual interest rate. The details of the offer will be announced later.

BOC Flash Discount Rate postponed to this month

There were 4 highlights from last week’s scavenger hunt, including:

(1) Standard Chartered rarely grabs short-term deposits. The new 7-day time deposit will enjoy 4.5%. Platinum foreign exchange members or priority private wealth management accounts are required. Other customers also have 4%. Both require a minimum of $100,000 in eligible exchange funds and a maximum of $20 million.Standard Chartered enjoys 4.5% of the above short-term deposit, following HSBC, BOCHK (02388)
It is 4%, and the whole city of Guanjue is 6% of Jiyou.

(2) Breaking the top rate again: The main battlefield last week fell on the half-year period. The industry is trying to grab the funds for the New Year. Daxin increased the 6-month period by 0.1%, and Fubon increased the deposit period by 0.2%. %, making the half-year interest rate reach a new high.

(3) Big and small banks extended high interest rate discounts: BOC Hong Kong suddenly launched the special annual interest rate for a limited time in late August. The bank responded to the inquiry that it had extended the flash special interest rate to this month.

In addition, competing with the big banks, the current 3-month price of BOC’s 1.7% outperformed HSBC’s 1.2% and Standard Chartered’s 0.9%. In half a year, Standard Chartered’s 2.4% narrowly beat BOC’s 2.3% and HSBC’s 1.7%. In 1 year, Standard Chartered’s 3% top banknote issuer, leaving the Bank of China’s 2.4% and HSBC’s 2.1%.

(4) Citi raised interest rates for the 4th consecutive week, and even raised interest rates twice this week. After the move on September 29 (Monday), the semi-annual period last Wednesday increased by 0.19%, the new report was 2.74%, and the 1-year period increased. 0.2%, and the new interest rate was reported at 2.93%.

1 month HSBC 5% 3 months Citi 2.78%

Overview Last week’s high-yield list has another position. Let’s talk about the 3-month period first, Fubon added 0.2% to 2.6%, so it regained the runner-up position, but still lost to Citi’s 2.78%. Daxin held the third place by 2.5%. In contrast, Volkswagen Finance was only 2.4% off the list.

In terms of the 6-month period, the double crowns were repeated, and both Dah Sing and Fubon topped the list with 3%. ICBC (Asia) increased by 0.2% to 2.85%, beating Volkswagen Finance’s 2.8%. The big Chinese bank was promoted to runner-up, while Citigroup’s 2.74% could only rank fourth.

As for the 1-year period, Volkswagen Finance continued to be the king with 3.3%, followed by Overseas Chinese Wing Hang with 3.18%, and ICBC (Asia) increased by 0.1% to 3.05% and narrowly held the third place. And Standard Chartered Hong Kong and Fubon Qi are 3%, plus Citigroup’s 2.93%, also among the top 5.

Check other deposit periods, 1 month is the highest of 5% of HSBC. If the long-term interest is calculated, Nanshang has 3.38% in 338 days, and the minimum deposit is 3 million yuan in new money, and overseas Chinese Yongheng enjoys 3.28% in 388 days, and the entry fee is 200,000 yuan. CMB Wing Lung has 2.85% in the two-year period.

The 1-month interest rate ended a 4-day streak, at 1.88%. Chen Zhiwei, executive vice president and director of traditional banking business of Shanghai Shang Shang, pointed out that the one-month interest rate linked to real estate mortgages is expected to reach 2% by the end of September, or even higher.

However, the 3-month interbank interest rate, which reflects the bank’s capital cost, has risen for 23 consecutive days, breaking through 2.7%. Analysis indicates that it has hit a 14-year post-financial tsunami high in 2008. Liao Jiahao, head of Citibank’s investment strategy and global wealth planning department, pointed out that the three-month Hong Kong dollar interbank interest rate is expected to be at the level of 2.7% in the fourth quarter of this year, and is expected to be 2.95% in the first quarter of next year. The Hong Kong exchange rate may see 7.85 within 3 months, and rose slightly to 7.84 in 6-12 months.

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