Hong Kong Football Team Dominates in 4-0 Victory Against Bhutan: Independent Media Report

2023-10-12 16:42:28

[Independent media report]Hong Kong football team played at home on Thursday evening and faced Bhutan in the first round of the World Cup Asian qualifying round. In front of 10,259 people, they won 4-0. Michael scored twice. At the post-match press conference, head coach Anderson severely criticized the mainland team An Yongjia plays for, Guangxi Pingguo in the Chinese League One: “There was a game again on the weekend, and I asked how we were cheating (An Yongjia). What did he say? The matchup (against Yanbian Longding on October 15th) is very important for them to protect their relegation. I don’t know, it’s really difficult, and we have players injured, so we may not be able to bring all the players to Bhutan. “

Hong Kong Football Team will leave for Bhutan on Friday to prepare for the second leg of the match next Tuesday. Reporters paid attention to the Hong Kong football team after the game. In the second round, some players may not be able to go to Bhutan because the mainland team “won’t let them go”. Anderson looked a little excited and said, “That’s a problem.” “An Yongjia has another game on the weekend. This is really stupid, this is really stupid! So many games have to be played during the international competition!”

Ye Honghui is appointed as the main goalkeeper and the Asian athletes will be appointed as the reserve first.

The Hong Kong Football U23 team participated in the Hangzhou Asian Games earlier and, under the leadership of head coach Andersen, achieved fourth place, its best result ever. The Hong Kong Football Team is playing at home with the momentum of the Asian Games. The last time they played against their opponent, Bhutan, was in the 2015 World Cup qualifiers.

In this game, Hong Kong football team is guarded by Yip Honghui, who also serves as the captain. The defense consists of Ru Zinan, Elio, Rolles, and Ferrando. The midfield trio includes Huang Wei, Chen Zhaojun and Chen Junle, and the forward Mi Gao, Everton, and Jinyi Chen. Six Asian Games players who returned to Dagang Football Club will serve as reserves first, including Tse Kar-wing, Wu Jinming and An Yongjia.

Chen Jinyi made a contribution and scored the first “Dagang Footballer” goal. The away team saved an own goal.

In the first half, the Hong Kong team took the lead, actively keeping the ball at their feet and adopting an attacking style of play. In the 9th minute, Michael received Huang Wei’s corner kick and scored his first goal on behalf of the Hong Kong team. In the 15th minute, Huang Wei made a pass from the right and jumped into the net with a meter high jump. He scored twice and Hong Kong led Bhutan 2:0.

In the 27th minute, Ferrando sent the ball forward, and Chen Jin scored a single goal with a shot while walking, extending the Hong Kong team’s score to 3:0. This was also his first “Big Hong Kong Football Team” goal. In the 34th minute, Ferrando attacked from the left. Everton responded with a left-footed shot. Bhutan goalkeeper Gu Long blocked it with his foot. His teammate Luo Bao made a clearance towards the Bhutan goal. The ball went into the net and Hong Kong won 4:0.

There was no deal in the second half and Ferrando’s performance stole the show

After changing sides in the second half, Bhutan repeatedly tried to organize an offensive. However, due to the limited quality of the players, they were unable to score a goal. For the Hong Kong team, Ferrando’s performance was the most eye-catching, assisting and defending, but neither side scored a goal in the second half. In the 49th minute, Shindadoji took a shot. Fortunately, Yip Honghui was “concentrated enough” and blocked it with both hands, saving the Hong Kong team from losing.

In the 54th minute, Zujar took a shot from the top of the penalty area and the ball went straight to the crossbar. In the 62nd minute, the Hong Kong team replaced An Yongjia, Wu Jinming and Ju Yingzhi in one breath. Luo Zijun also replaced the injured Everton, who walked out of the sidelines without waiting for any evidence. The two teams had zero transactions in the second half, and the Hong Kong team finally defeated Bhutan 4:0.

The Football Association arranged a thank you ceremony before the game and fans clapped to the Asian Games players.

In addition, the Football Association also arranged a ceremony before the game for fans to express their gratitude to the Hong Kong football members who participated in the Asian Games. Many members including Ng Wei-him, Pang Zhuoxi, Zhou Ziqian, Chen Kaibo, Lin Lok-kin, Ye Zhuowen, Alex Zu, Lin Yanting, Huang Haojun, Yu Zaiyan, Zheng Jinhong, Zhao Yuwu, Zhang Xiyan, Kan Jiaheng, Zeng Yixing and Liu Jiaqiao were present.

Deputy Director of the Home Affairs and Youth Affairs Bureau Leong Hong-ching, Chairman of the Hong Kong Federation and Olympic Committee Fok Chun-ting, Football Association President Bei Junqi, Chairman Fok Kai-shan, and Vice Chairman Xu Yingwei clapped and shook hands with the players at the VIP table; Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau Director Yang Runxiong also attended the game later.

There was an incident before the start of the game. Anderson was dissatisfied with the quality of the grass in the stadium and complained to the field supervisor many times. The more he spoke, the more excited he became. He even walked from the bench to the grass to pick up some turf and threw it into the air. He was dissatisfied. The grass is loose.

MGM scores twice Collins: Proud of his son

A total of 10,259 people attended the game to support the Hong Kong team. Fans chanted “We are Hong Kong” before, during and after the game. After the game, the Hong Kong team players approached the audience to thank the fans.

The 19-year-old Migo plays for the German third-division club Engelstadt. His father is Chenxi star Colin. He was born in Hong Kong and is originally from Nigeria. He made his first appearance for Hong Kong in the last game against Brunei, but failed to win. Score two goals in this game. Michael’s father, Morningstar star Collins, also attended the event with his family to support his son. After the game, he told reporters that he was proud of Michael.

Anderson expressed his dissatisfaction with the second half performance and could “win more” in this game

At the post-match press conference, head coach Anderson believed that a four-goal victory at home was a good victory. Hong Kong Football Team performed well in the first half, especially creating multiple scoring opportunities. “Maybe they can score a few more goals.” “, but seemed dissatisfied with the performance in the second half. He revealed that he warned the players in the locker room at halftime: “In the second half, we must continue to run and attack. I made a substitution at 60 minutes, hoping to bring more to the team. Vitality, energy, but just not the same as the first half.”

The Hong Kong team will visit Bhutan for the second round next Tuesday (17th). If they advance, they will be in Group E with Iran, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. However, the home stadium in Bhutan is known for its plateau climate and the stadium is made of artificial grass. In the 2015 World Cup qualifiers as an away match, Hong Kong Football Team could only win by one goal.

Anderson believes that Hong Kong Football Team can “win more” in this game: “Five goals would be good, but IKEA is OK, and I am satisfied with 4:0. We know that the second round will be difficult, so we can only try our best and do our best. Be prepared to deal with it.”

Players showed fatigue in the second half, Anderson said it was the same as the Asian Games

Reporters were concerned that some players appeared tired in the second half. Anderson admitted that the players were physically weak and could not cope with the entire 90-minute match. He pointed out that this game was the same as the Asian Games games against Palestine and Japan. The performance in the first half was good, but in the second half Unable to maintain physical fitness: “What do you think? You can take a guess and I will know the reason.” As for whether Hong Kong football will make rotations in the second round? Anderson said that he could not make any promises, but if the players can regain their strength, they can still have a chance to be selected.

As for Everton’s injury, Anderson said that the opponent strained the injury on Tuesday and had suspended training that day. He was able to play after an examination this morning, but he may have touched an old injury, and the details need to be re-examined.

The Hong Kong Football Team announced immediately in the early hours of Friday morning that Lawless had been approved by the coaching team to leave the team early, and Everton retired due to injury, and decided to supplement Huang Zihao and Yu Zaiyan. Checking the Chinese Super League schedule, the Dalian natives, the team that Lawless plays for, will face Wuhan Three Towns at home next Friday (20th).

Reporters: Mai Magao, Zhou Songqian

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