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Hong Kong movie does not surviveAFP Reported that on October 27, Hong Kong’s parliamentarians passed tougher film censorship laws. reinforcing the way China has heavily invaded Hong Kong. even artistic freedom It follows a crackdown on critics of the Chinese government following major pro-democracy protests two years ago.

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Hong Kong movies in the heyday There used to be freedom and diversity

The Hong Kong control law is in line with the Chinese government’s security law and campaign on behalf. Patriotism rules Hong Kong. It applies to both current films and retrospectives to past films. will be censored or banned if found to contain content that violates security

It also empowers the head of the Hong Kong Secretariat to order the termination of past and present film screening licenses. The penalties for violating the law are three years in prison and a fine of HK$1 million, or about 4.3 million baht.

Hong Kong movie does not survive

A documentary about Hong Kong protests screened at the Cannes International Film Festival.

Films and documentaries are one of the cultural goals that state powers are trying to channel. By June Hong Kong authorities announced censorship measures to censor new movies to be created. whether the content violates the security or not

Modern Hong Kong movies have been replaced by Korean movies in terms of popularity across Asia and global fame.

Even when the current non-opposition lawmakers passed a new law on Wednesday Oct. 26, the added measure was to review films that had been previously allowed.

The film censorship committee has the authority to investigate. or search for unlicensed films in advance without waiting for a search warrant.

Revolution of Our Times certainly won’t survive censorship.

Any film that is subject to security risks will not be allowed to appeal through conventional channels. have to go to the court for review This takes a long and costly process.

In the case of members of the Chinese side criticized that The law may not cover movie streaming companies such as Netflix, HBO and Amazon. Commerce Secretary Edward Yao replied: All movies released in cinemas and online are already regulated under new security laws.

Hong Kong movie does not survive

10 Years is another story that shatters the lives of Hong Kong people under Chinese rule.

The security law gives the state power to ban anything that could be considered independent behavior, overthrow the regime, terrorize and conspire against foreign forces.


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