Hong Kong’s Attendance at APEC Summit and Measures for June 4th Memorial Day: Updates from Chief Executive Li Jiachao

2023-05-30 20:31:46

Li Jiachao

The APEC summit will be held in the United States in November. Chief Executive Lee Ka-chao, who has been sanctioned by the United States, pointed out before the meeting yesterday that the host has the responsibility to invite and Hong Kong will attend the meeting in accordance with APEC rules and customs. This year marks the 34th anniversary of the “June 4th Incident”. When asked whether citizens would be allowed to mourn in Victoria Park in their personal capacity, he emphasized that any activities must be legal, and if the police found any violations of the law, they would resolutely enforce the law.

This year’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting APEC was held in San Francisco, USA. Li Jiachao has been included in the sanctions list by the United States since 2020. When asked whether he would get a visa or actively seek to participate in the meeting, he said, “Hong Kong has always participated in APEC meetings in the name of Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong, China is also a member of APEC meetings. The organizers have the responsibility to issue invitations. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will Attend APEC meetings in accordance with APEC rules and customs.”

Li Jiachao also said that after Hong Kong has fully cleared the customs with the mainland and the rest of the world, there has been an endless stream of activities such as talent exchanges and business promotion. In the past week, he met with a total of 10 mainland leaders and foreign dignitaries, and 6 bureau chiefs also visited abroad in the past week to strengthen the ties between Hong Kong, the mainland and the world. He described Hong Kong as having endless true stories. He said that he and his team will continue to promote Hong Kong, explore markets and opportunities, and expect to increase the positive growth of Hong Kong’s GDP this year.

維園 六四

Victoria Park June 4th

Memorial Day for June 4th, if it breaks the law, it will be resolutely enforced

Sunday marks the 34th anniversary of the June 4th Incident. When asked whether he would drive away the citizens who went to Victoria Park to light candles, Li Jiachao emphasized that any public activities or personal behavior must comply with Hong Kong laws. If personal behavior violates the law, the police will resolutely enforce the law. As for whether the public peaceful mourning complies with the National Security Law, he did not respond positively, only saying that “they can look at the elements of various crimes (National Security Law), which are clearly written in the law.”

In addition, the government’s public consultation on strengthening the regulation of crowdfunding activities was completed in March this year. Regarding the refusal of the Bureau of Financial Affairs and the Treasury to disclose the content of the opinions received during the public consultation period on the regulation of crowdfunding activities, it was questioned whether most of the opinions did not support regulation. Li Jiachao said that the Bureau of Finance and Treasury is sorting out and analyzing the consultation opinions. A comprehensive review of different approaches and practices elsewhere will be made and conclusions will be published.

The June 4th Victoria Park Candlelight Show has been suspended for the past three years. This year, some associations from the same village rented the Victoria Park venue to hold a carnival. It is understood that the police will conduct high-profile patrols in Causeway Bay, the Government Headquarters, and the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government that day, and are discussing with the carnival organizers about the deployment of police forces on the day.

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