Horipad Pro game controller test for Xbox Series X / S: too far from the standards

Wired controller requires, command latency is fortunately imperceptible. The precision of analog sticks can thus be fully expressed, they also offer good flexibility. We appreciate the small smooth plastic rings arranged around the perimeter of the housing of the sticks, which soften the contact with the axis of the latter, for more fluidity. On our test copy, however, we observe a little play in the ring of the right stick, generating small clicks that are not very pleasant to the touch or to the ear.

On the side of the directional cross, those allergic to the very loud clicks of the one that equips the official Xbox Series controller will be delighted to learn that the support in the different directions is done here in silence. The precision remains good despite everything, although it is more difficult to press well on the diagonals.

Regarding the main buttons, no complaints, the rebound is good and their activation remains quite discreet. The same goes for the other buttons on the front of the controller.

If until then this Horipad Pro was doing well, everything changes when it comes to talking about triggers, real disappointments that nullify the results hitherto rather positive than we did. To begin with, the LB and RB button triggers are soft and set a little too far back to be easily activated with the second phalanges of our index fingers. But that’s nothing compared to the spongy feel of the LT and RT analog triggers, which dash any hope of precision. Especially since their useful course stops almost halfway, leaving a whole dead zone. A calibration does not change this. If that isn’t a problem in a shooter, it’s a whole different story in a racing game where it’s about adjusting the acceleration or even the braking.

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