Hospital Pasacaballos in Cartagena: In Pasacaballos they want a hospital, not another CAP | Cartagena

The population growth that Pasacaballos has had in recent years is one of the main reasons for your leaders to currently talk about the need for a hospital.

A group of social leaders agree that the district does not require a CAP as it is being proposed in some sectors, but a care center with the capacities necessary to serve more than 20 thousand inhabitants.

“In the work tables that took place it was possible to speak that today the discussion is not even the lot, everything is based on the fact that a clinic it is ridiculous, and if the authorization document or the POT are acts, there must be political will for these issues to be included “, expressed Aris Gándara, leader of the district.

About the financing of the hospital, there would be 70% contributed by the company and the property to carry out this project. The remaining 30% would be in charge of the district, which has not referred on the matter.

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