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2024-01-21 22:53:52

“Pablo Brooks” started his tour at Vienna’s B72 and spread a lot of love with his performance in this extremely intimate setting!

I found myself at B72 that Tuesday evening because Vienna had the honor of kicking off Pablo Brooks’ “Pleaser” tour. I was glad that the club wasn’t packed for once, but the temperature inside was still pretty high. I and my companion enjoyed a bit of pleasant air outside before we decided to do the support act “enpal“ then went back into the warm interior.

I couldn’t understand the first song and it didn’t get any better. Between songs I got the impression that he was a bit nervous, which I found understandable. Being on a stage and playing in front of people who are largely not there for you must be nerve-wracking.

After the performance of “enpal” it didn’t take long until the actual act of the evening, namely “pablo brooks“, entered the stage. But some time passed before he was actually on stage: the band was already playing the first notes of “Boy Don’t Cry” when Pablo Brook’s clear voice came from the speakers. Everyone turned around, he walked through the crowd from behind and immediately made the first fans’ hearts beat faster.

Even though the stage in the B72 isn’t that big, Pablo Brooks didn’t miss the opportunity to dance extensively. He constantly interacted with the fans, whether on the first or second floor of the club. At the latest when Pablo Brooks performed a song with his guitar in the middle of the crowd surrounded by a circle of light, the visitors came from above to below. It was a small, magical moment.

He kept switching from quieter songs to faster numbers that invited people to sing along and shake their hips. And in his wilder moments, of course, he jumped around and sometimes lay on the floor to sing directly to his fans. And: at the end there was a mosh pit, in which Pablo Brooks of course also took part.

What I also liked was that he always had wonderful announcements ready – but to my surprise, they were all in English, even though he is German. But maybe Vienna just means it’s an international audience and that’s why he tried his best English.

The atmosphere that evening was breathtakingly beautiful. Pablo Brooks and his fans created a small, queer safe space that is rarely found. For me, that’s definitely a reason to go to concerts in general: you just feel good. Despite some emotional songs, there was a positive atmosphere throughout, with which we were finally released into the night.


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