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Original title: The state is hot!Before the Beijing Winter Olympics, Chinese athletes have qualified for all 11 alpine skiing events

  [环球时报特约记者  李佳寅]”The Chinese men’s team occupied the podium of freestyle skiing aerial skills.” The British “Field Insider” website said on the 13th that in the 2021-2022 FIS Freestyle Skiing Aerial Skills World Cup competition at the Deer Valley Station in the United States, Chinese player Wang Xindi won 122.62 He won the championship in points, and his teammates Yang Longxiao and Sun Jiaxu won the second and third respectively. This is the first time that Chinese players have won the top three in the World Cup this season. In the women’s competition, Chinese player Kong Fanyu won the runner-up, Shao Qi and Xu Nuo ranked 7th and 8th respectively, and Australian athlete Peel won the championship.

After this competition, the Chinese men’s aerial skills team completed the full participation target of 4 people. For the women’s team, four players, Xu Mengtao, Kong Fanyu, Shao Qi and Xu Nuo, participated in this competition. Xu Mengtao, who is currently ranked first in the world, made a mistake in the qualifying round and failed to enter the final. In the end, the three Chinese women’s team ranked in the top 25 in points and missed the goal of 4 people participating in the competition.

In addition, the Chinese women’s curling team announced on the 12th the entry list for the Beijing Winter Olympics. The main lineup consists of Jiang Xindi, Zhang Lijun, Dong Ziqi and Han Yu. It is worth mentioning that the post-00 teenager Han Yu served as the captain for the first time, while Jiang Xindi and substitute Wang Rui participated in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. On February 10, the Chinese women’s curling team will meet the Danish team, their first opponent in the Beijing Winter Olympics. In terms of qualification for the Winter Olympics, in the recently concluded Women’s Super Giant Slalom FIS Points Competition, Chinese players Kong Fanying and Ni Yueming won enough points. So far, Chinese athletes have qualified for all 11 alpine skiing events at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Regarding preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a regular press conference on the 13th that China will, as always, protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign resident news agencies and foreign journalists in accordance with the law. Currently, there are more than 2,500 text and photo journalists. An application for registration for the Beijing Winter Olympics has been submitted.

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