‘Housing + land portion’ taxpayers exceed 1 million for the first time this year… Total 8.6 trillion won notice

picture explanationOn the 23rd, employees at the Gangnam Post Office are sorting out the comprehensive real estate tax bills. [매경DB]

This year, the total real estate tax (special property tax) for housing and land exceeded 1 million for the first time in history. Due to the increase in the official land price, the number of people who pay tax on housing and land sales approaches 950,000 and 80,000, respectively.

According to the National Tax Service on the 24th, the total amount of tax on land and housing for this year was 8.6 trillion won, more than double that of last year. The number of land division tax notices is 79,600, and the amount of tax is 2.889 trillion won. This is the figure after subtracting the number of overlapping total combined land shares and separate combined land shares (4,000 people) and overlapping land and housing shares (25,000 people).

Previously, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance announced on the 22nd that this year’s tax target and the tax amount for this year were 947,000 people and 5,678.9 billion won, respectively.

If the land and housing divisions are combined, the total number of people who will pay tax on the property tax this year is 1,026,600, and the amount of tax is 8,568.1 billion won. It is the first time since the introduction of the property tax in 2005 that the number of people who have been notified of the property tax has exceeded 1 million. This is a 38.0% increase from the number of highlanders, which was 744,100 last year.

The reason for the significant increase in the number of taxpayers and the amount of tax payable is because the increase in house and land prices, the realization of public announcements, and an upward adjustment of the fair market value ratio were combined. In addition, in the case of the property tax for housing, the rate of increase was greater than that for land.

The land division tax is divided into a general aggregated land share (bare land, mixed land, etc.) and a separate aggregated land share (land attached to a shopping mall/office).

This year, 95,800 people paid tax on land for total land and the amount of tax was 1,721.4 billion won, up 10.2% and 13.7%, respectively, from 86,900 people and 1.538 trillion won in tax last year.

Among the 17 cities and provinces, Gyeonggi (28,400 people) had the highest number of tax bills for combined land shares, and Seoul (530.4 billion won) had the highest amount of tax bills.

The number of taxpayers and the amount of tax paid for the total combined land portion increased in all 16 cities and provinces except Seoul.

The number of people who paid tax on land for separate aggregated land is 12,700 people this year, and the amount of tax is 1.167.8 trillion won. Compared to last year (11,000 people, KRW 940.1 billion), the number of people increased by 15.2% and the amount of tax increased by 24.2%.

If the tax notice is not true, voluntarily report it on the 1st to 15th of the next month

If the contents of the tax bill for housing and land sent this year are different from the facts, you can voluntarily file and pay the tax return during the tax return and payment period.

The specific tax and special tax for farming and fishing villages listed on the bill must be paid on the 1st to 15th of the following month. You can pay electronically at Hometax and Sontax, or transfer to the national tax account or virtual account listed on the bill. It is also possible to pay bills by visiting a financial institution with a bill.

If you miss the payment deadline, a 3% late payment penalty will be charged.

If the content of the notice is not true or if the taxpayer wants to file a return, he/she can voluntarily report and pay on the 1st to 15th of the following month. Taxpayers who have not yet filed a tax exemption report or application for special tax exemption for single-family dwellings under the joint name of a married couple can also file a return during this period.

However, if the amount of self-reported tax does not meet the legal requirements, additional tax must be paid. If you file less than the actual tax amount, an underreporting penalty equivalent to 10% is imposed on the tax amount, and a 40% penalty is imposed in the case of an unfair underreporting.

The National Tax Service said, “We are providing inquiry services through Hometax and Sontax so that taxpayers who have received a notice can choose whether to report or not after checking the taxable items and details of tax calculation.” It is also possible to apply for payment in installments with the competent tax office,” he explained.

The installment payment period is from the 15th of the following month to the 15th of June next year, six months after the payment deadline. During the amortization period, no interest is charged.

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