How can you use the internet to improve the performance of your company?

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Today’s world is digital and the future we dreamed of a few decades ago is here. It is no longer strange to have Smartphones that put current affairs and technology at your fingertips. Or use e-commerce to get any product with just a few clicks.

Virtual storage in the cloud has become essential, both for users who save their photos on a server, and for companies that optimize their processes thanks to Cloud solutions.

In today’s guide we will present some companies dedicated to digital solutions and Cloud services, from security and computer maintenance, to training academies that offer their services through the cloud, through consultancies and digital marketing agencies.

To start, we interview Jorge Vega, founder of STONE SOLUTIONS, a company that offers IT security and maintenance and Cloud strategies to companies, as well as technology coaching services.


How long have you been in the sector? How did your journey as a company start?

I have been in the IT sector for 18 years in Barcelona city, I started as a freelance working at a private level, over the years the trust with our clients has generated exponential growth, we continue to work with many Family offices – important industrial companies and consolidated firms- . Now we are SAXUM SOLUTIONS, but Jorge Vega is an important part of the good development of the company.

Describe a little what services you offer.

We offer two types of services: IT security, IT maintenance and Cloud strategies to companies, but I continue to maintain a Premium service to individuals and senior managers related to technology coaching, since it is a service that is increasingly necessary and demanded.

What type of clients do you work with?

Our clients are prominent Family Offices in Barcelona city, law firms, and any company that needs IT security in its processes.

What distinguishes you from the rest of the companies in the sector?

We distinguish ourselves by being especially personalized in each process, we know our clients intensively and we want to foster a relationship of trust over the years. | [email protected] | Tel: 932 402 570 | 910606201 | 652057641 |

We also present Geko, an expert agency in Cloud services, which covers the entire product development life cycle, from the first analysis to the creation of marketplaces.


Why was Geko born?

Geko was born three years ago, after David Pujadas and José Luis Sánchez observed in the Internet sector the lack of a service that would cover the entire life cycle of product development. The main objective of the activity of Geko is to facilitate the day-to-day work of developers, caring for the product through methodologies DevOps.

How and for whom?

At Geko we analyze your infrastructure in order to improve automation and internal processes, so that the deployment of your application is agile, efficient and secure, which causes an improvement in time to market and your KPIs.

Service cloud management, DevOps implementation monitoring, takes place in Geko with clients engaged in various activities, from the pharmaceutical industry, financial products, to marketplaces, since every company with internet platforms is capable of implementing these solutions.

At Geko Cloud, we are experts and we are certified in the different clouds, but we do not work with any cloud provider or technology exclusively since we understand that the best way to help our clients is to be free, to choose the best technology option according to their needs.

We observe the evolution of our clients towards a hybrid infrastructure model, being very common to deploy projects in the different clouds taking advantage of the potential of each one for specific needs. | [email protected] | Tel: 933 941 026

We had the opportunity to interview the team at Dinamiza Digital, the digital marketing agency of which Ana Ivars is CEO and founder.


How was Dinamiza Digital founded?

The founder and CEO of the agency Dinamiza Digital is Ana Ivars, one of the largest references in our country on advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Ana has been working as a consultant for major brands for more than 7 years, teaching at business schools and participating in some of the main Hispanic marketing conferences. Dinamiza Digital is a new agency, but it already has experience and a consolidated track record.

What kind of services do you offer?

Ana is one of the greatest experts in Spain in advertising on Facebook and Instagram and therefore is one of the agency’s star services. In addition, we are also experts in the management of advertising campaigns on Google.

We are also specialized in Digital Strategy. A service in which we advise our clients where, how and when to invest on the Internet to obtain the best results for their business.

And finally, we design automation and sales systems in which we take advantage of current technological advances to make the commercial processes of companies more efficient and faster, at a lower cost.

What type of clients do you work with?

The profile of our clients is very varied. We work with large companies, but also with SMEs and startups, entrepreneurs and online stores.

In what do you consider yourself experts in the sector?

We are experts in digital marketing, we have the technical knowledge and we love technology, but above all we care about people.

We know that the key to any marketing strategy is to understand the customer very well, which is why we believe that the best results are achieved starting with what is not seen: defining value proposals, finding the motivations of consumers and designing millimeter sales strategies . We are involved in each project and with each client. | [email protected] | Tel: 622 212 793

Physiotherapy has become a key branch of medicine. Training in this field implies high possibilities of employability and we have spoken with the Fisiofocus specialized academy who has told us about the possibilities it offers.


What job opportunities does a theoretical-practical course have in the field of physiotherapy?

Learning in the world of physiotherapy is a continuous process that requires professionals to constantly train or update their knowledge. In many cases, our students attend our courses with the intention of offering more services and better treatments to their patients. For this reason, at Fisiofocus we help all of them to implement this knowledge at a professional level, which will make it easier for them to find better job opportunities and access different branches of physiotherapy.

Do you offer any form of online training?

Currently at Fisiofocus we offer a complete list of more than 80 specialized online courses in the fields of sports physiotherapy, geriatric, invasive, neurological, respiratory, urogynecological and of the locomotor system, as well as therapeutic exercise.

What are the main advantages of training with Fisiofocus?

At Fisiofocus we offer a wide variety of the best courses currently on the market, all of them taught by a teaching team with a long history and professional experience. Our courses are the perfect formula for any physiotherapist, whatever their specialization. For it we provide quality theoretical content, as well as high definition video content to show the exercises and treatments with the highest possible fidelity. | [email protected] | Tel: 615 85 25 76

Finally, we want to talk about Tramicar, a company that facilitates the transfer of vehicles by carrying out the procedures from the telephone itself.


How long have you been in the sector?

In 2017 we detected a need in digital customers and that is that they demanded to be able to do the transfer of your vehicle in an agile, safe way and without having to go anywhere.

Tramicar was born to provide service with the maximum legal guarantees to individuals and evolved into the professional sector two years ago. The professional service enhances the digital transformation of the automotive business, benefiting from the digitization processes that we offer at

What are the fundamental services that you offer?

Vehicle transfers 100% online through a simple process that verifies the ownership of the vehicle and identifies the buyer and seller telematically with facial recognition.

In the last year, we have been a benchmark in the vehicle report that can be obtained immediately through our direct connection with the DGT.

Tell us a little about the profile of your clients.

Mainly, they are a digital user between 25 and 55 who considers the telephone as an essential tool, which is why they carry out their procedures through their mobile. He has interests in the motor world and technology, mobility is one of his preferences, which is why we find them geographically distributed throughout the territory.

What do you think makes you unique?

The security and guarantee together with the user experience. At Tramicar we have been intensively concerned with providing a service that guarantees the process, prevents fraud and improves the customer experience. We offer an agile and comfortable service.

Our clients emphasize the speed and comfort, saving time when traveling. | [email protected] | Tel: 91 171 02 90

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