How do digital dollar cards work?

About the new service Littio platformwhich will allow Colombians save and spend digital dollars, Luis Huertasco-founder and CEO of the company, explained in time trial how these cards work and where they can be used.

“We were born as a technology company that seeks to help people in Colombia and Latin America to protect against devaluation, inflation and all these macroeconomic forces that are out of our hands,” he said.

In turn, he mentioned that his platform can be managed in two ways: The first is buy the dollars and save them in the account. The other option is cardwhich will work in any establishment of the world you receive Mastercard.

He also assured that these digital assets are worth the same as a US dollar so “the conversion of that digital dollar to a Colombian peso can be done from a ATM and will have the ability to withdraw money at any time”.

In context:


According to Huertas, the company has a alliance with the financial institution Mastercardwhich is why your Littio card will work at any ATM that receives this network.


Regarding the security of users, he explained that they are regulated by the Superintendency of Companies and by United States authorities.

“We have been concerned about technological security of our product, so users are in complete control of their digital dollars. Only they can buy and sell them; This gives a level certainty and security that these assets can be converted into Colombian pesos at any time if they need to. they can even send them to someone else within Littio”, he highlighted.

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Income statement

On the other hand, the CEO of Littio pointed out that the digital assets, not being considered as a modena equal to weight, no income statement should be made:

“This would work like owning a car or a motorcycle not like a foreign currency. This is one of the great advantages that this technology has and that the regulatory framework allows it.”

How to be part of Littio?

Finally, he explained that the people who wish to be part of this platform of digital dollar They must download the application, create an account and enter a payment method such as credit card, debit or make a transfer with PSE to top up the account.

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