How is the election of the Ombudsman going in the Deliberante de Neuquén

2023-06-02 22:17:35

He Left Unity Front will not vote none of the candidates for Ombudsman of Neuquén. The MPN block already has its candidate but it only has 6 votes and two eventual alliances, while el Cambiemos interblock (linked to governor-elect Rolando Figueroa) has five votes who agree that they do not want the continuity of the current Ombudsman or vote in conjunction with the MPN. ANDThe new Ombudsman for the Neighbor will be elected in the next session with 10 positive voteswith an uncertain panorama still about an eventual first place.

There are four candidates for Ombudsman andAlthough the commission entered the applicants into the debate with their scores, each councilor can vote for whoever they are interested in from the list.

Ricardo Riva (current Ombudsman), Jorge Rey (former councilor of the MPN), Gervasio Conde (Municipal Director of Government) and the doctor Pablo San Martin must get 10 votesout of a total of 18 councillors.

He MPN added this week a member of the MPN bench left by Jorge Rey, the councilor who resigned because he wants to be Ombudsman. The official bloc was complete with 6 votes.

Rey said that if they don’t vote for him, he will return home. Diego Landeiro took office on Thursday and said that he will wait to see what his peers will do. Only councilor Claudio Domínguez clearly said that Rey was his candidate, while it is expected that the bloc, which answers to mayor Mariano Gaido, will vote without dissonance.

From The FIT has already announced that they will not be part of the poroteo. “We are going to abstain because the Ombudsman should be a vote elected by popular vote,” said councilor Priscila Otton. She added that they have the same position for judges and officials who “have a direct role with the people.”

Councilor Camilo Echeverría (of the Frin), who is a political ally of the MPN, did not say if he would join the ruling bloc’s vote. And from the opposition, the second largest vote is held by the Cambiemos interbloc, made up of the 2 benches of the Pro and the unipersonal of the UCR and the christian democracya.

«The interblock has worked since its creation and will continue to do so until the end of its mandate. We will be chatting this week to combine criteriaWe don’t have a definition,” said Pro councilor Marcelo Bermúdez, elected provincial deputy for the alliance of governor-elect Rolando Figueroa.

From the DC, the councilor Nadia Marquez -also elected deputy for the rolista alliance- was more direct: “I would not vote for him neither to Rey nor to Conde because they do not give me guarantees of impartiality that the Ombudsman should have; Riva was the one with the best scorefar away, in the commission, but I defend alternation and I can’t help but think that He has been in office for 12 would be to erase with the elbow what was chosen in the provincial elections, “he said in reference to the change of provincial government starting on December 10.

The Councilor Ana Servidio (Avanzar-Descamisados) already announced that does not agree with the candidates who were part of the blue campaign (King and Count) because (he insistently maintained) the neighbors require a figure of protection in front of the municipal leadership, while Marcelo Zuniga he did not slip his vote. Neither did the councilor for Libres del Sur, Cecilia Maletti.

«The Ombudsman is going to talk about it with the interblock that we integrate with Denisse Stillger, Marcelo Bermúdez and Nadia Márquez; more now after the elections that we had the positive result, all together on the same side,” said the UCR councilor, Juan Pelaez.

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