How is the strategic plan 2023/27 of the northern Neuquén prosecutor’s office

2023-06-02 03:15:00

“Work planning in pursuit of achieving specific objectives”; “constant supervision of the processes and results obtained”; “guarantee access to Justice”; “protect the general interests of society”; “defend the rights of victims and witnesses”always governed by “the principles of transparency, ethics and respect for human rights”.

These are some of the definitions contained in the strategic plan for the period 2023/2027 Prepared by Chief Prosecutor Fernando Fuentes, who is in charge of the Fifth Judicial District, with head in Chos Malal.

“Have clear goals, order and transparent our function inwards and for society,” Fuentes told BLACK RIVER Journal.

He recalled that when he took office, in 2019, the prosecution it was practically dismantled. In addition, the Judiciary had been marked by the double femicide of Las Ovejas, which occurred the previous year.

“Now there is a chief prosecutor, a case prosecutor, two paralegals, soon there will be one more case prosecutor. It’s gotten stronger,” she said. «We digitized all the files, we broke old ways of working, the procedural reform had hardly reached these places. The support of the Attorney General José Gerez and the supervisory member of the Circumscription, Alfredo Elosu Larumbe, helped us a lot.

Toured by locations

Sources listed that also “improved connectivityall the peace courts and police stations have Internet”, and the greater staffing “allows us to visit the towns and be close to the neighbor”.

When he spoke to this outlet, he was in Tricao Malal while the prosecutor in the Natalia Rivera case attended a hearing in Chos Malal. «Before we traveled for a specific case. Now we tour the towns, we notify through the media where we are going to be and what day, and We receive all kinds of concerns, not only criminal. We do a little bit of legal advice,” he explained.

Annual and long-term plan

The chief prosecutor prepared two documents: an annual strategic plan and another for a longer term, until 2027. Regarding the latter, he points out that «It should be the guiding axis of the daily institutional work for prosecutors, officials and employees of the Public Ministry” of the V Judicial District, which “will help conduct and evaluate their work over the next five years.”

«The fundamental objective of having a Strategic Plan is to continue developing in a harmonious way an efficient criminal prosecution, considering the dynamics of the criminal phenomenon».

It adds that “this Plan involves a paradigm shift in the actions of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the V Circumscription, beginning with him a new stage, which must be characterized by work planning in pursuit of specific goals, a constant supervision of the processes and results obtained and immersed in a process of continuous improvement that guarantees, in the short, medium and long term, the provision of a valuable service for the community of North Neuquén».

«Our mission is to guarantee access to Justice through the efficient and effective exercise of public criminal action, which protect the general interests of society and defend the rights of victims and witnesses. Our vision is to be a Public Prosecutor of excellence, with a strong vocation of service to the community of North Neuquén”.

He claims that “Attention to the Victim is a fundamental axis” in the work of the prosecution, “and focuses on ensuring the protection and rights of crime victims.”

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