How the body calls for help: the doctor named 4 stress signals

Premature aging

If you notice that began to age rapidly – deep wrinkles appeared, the skin became dry and flabby, then the reason for this may be a deficiency of one or another hormone.

– Large and small wrinkles may appear due to lowering the level of estradiol, which is responsible for the proper functioning of the reproductive system, explains the therapist. – In stress, the body has no time to deal with it, it spends all its energy on the production of an anti-stress substance – cortisol.

If you start “sounding the alarm” in time and identify negative processes in the body at the very beginning of their development, it is quite realistic to significantly slow down the aging process – moreover, without drugs and operations, the expert says.

pathological anxiety

Anxiety disorder is not a medical diagnosis, but if you notice that you are literally losing control of yourself, worrying about the future and your loved ones, then this is – not the norm.

– If you have at least two of the following symptomsyou need help, says the doctor.

  • often expect the worst development of events,

  • often feel fear or anxiety. And this happens even in harmless situations,

  • fear and anxiety affect you physically, reflecting on your well-being,

  • anxiety prevents you from solving ordinary everyday tasks: visiting crowded places, using transport, performing work functions, etc.,

  • constantly read and watch the news, afraid to lose control

  • Anxiety negatively affects your relationships with loved ones.

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