How to assess and adjust your relationship for a happy love life?

Love is a complex feeling that can take different forms in different people and relationships.

However, relationship experts have identified common behaviors among happy, genuinely loving couples.

These signs aren’t an absolute blueprint for true love, but they provide pointers for people wanting to assess their own relationship, answer questions, or adjust their behavior.

We’re going to explore the 11 signs of genuine love and their importance for a happy and fulfilling love life. We will also discuss behaviors to avoid and methods to deal with relationship problems in a healthy and effective way.

Love involves humor, complicity and healthy selfishness

Humor and complicity are key elements of a happy and authentic romantic relationship.

They allow partners to relax and connect on an emotional and intellectual level. Healthy selfishness, on the other hand, is necessary to avoid fusion or excessive self-sacrifice for the relationship. Partners must be able to pursue their own interests and support each other in their personal development.

Partners thrive together and apart

A romantic relationship must allow the partners to flourish together and separately.

This means that everyone should have their own personal interests and activities, while sharing quality time with their partner. Happy couples are those who encourage each other’s personal growth while cultivating their relationship.

Partners share activities that generate intense emotions

couple who share activity together

Happy couples often have common activities that generate intense emotions, whether it’s travel, sports, concerts or other hobbies. These experiences strengthen the complicity and the emotional connection between the partners.

Conflicts are handled cleanly and without violence

Conflict is inevitable in any relationship, but it’s important to manage it in a healthy and respectful way.

Happy couples take the time to communicate calmly and listen to each other’s opinions without physical or verbal abuse. They seek to understand their partner’s motivations and feelings and seek solutions together.

The partners are convinced of their chance to be together

couple in love
couple in love

Happy couples are convinced of their luck to be together and appreciate their relationship. They regularly express their love and gratitude for each other and are grateful for the times spent together.

Partners reinforce each other in a climate of trust and security

Trust and security are essential for a happy and genuine romantic relationship.

Partners should feel emotionally and physically secure in their relationship and be able to confide in each other without fear of judgment or rejection. Happy couples support each other in their projects and challenges, and work together to overcome obstacles.

Couple problems are treated in the couple or with a professional

Relationship issues should be handled confidentially and respectful of the couple’s privacy.

Happy couples work out solutions together, either by talking directly or by working with a relationship professional. They avoid sharing their marital problems with third parties, which could harm their relationship and their friendships and family relations.

Partners do not expose their anger to the outside world

Happy partners avoid arguing in public or acting cold or angry in front of others. They prefer to settle their conflicts in private and strengthen their relationship by keeping a positive and loving attitude in public.

Desires and refusals are expressed clearly without manipulation or haggling

Happy couples are honest and direct in their communications. They clearly express their desires and their refusals without manipulating or haggling with the other. They listen to their partner’s needs and seek to find a compromise that satisfies both parties.

The couple is the priority in the management of conflicts

In a happy and authentic love relationship, the couple is the priority in the management of conflicts.

Partners seek to solve problems together and avoid authoritarian, threatening or manipulative behavior. They put their relationship before their own personal interests and always seek to find a solution that satisfies both parties.

Mutual recognition and acceptance of the other is at the heart of genuine love

Finally, mutual recognition and acceptance of the other are key elements of authentic love.

Happy couples recognize and appreciate their partner’s unique qualities, as well as their flaws and weaknesses. They accept their partner as they are and work together to build a healthy and happy relationship.

In summary, the 11 signs of genuine love provide useful benchmarks for evaluating and adjusting your relationship.

Happy couples share key behaviors such as humor, complicity, and healthy selfishness, handle conflict respectfully and privately, and put their relationship ahead of their own interests.

They are convinced of their chance to be together, reinforce each other in an atmosphere of trust and security, and regularly express their love and gratitude for each other. By avoiding authoritarian, threatening or manipulative behaviors, and by accepting the other as he is, couples can build a happy and authentic romantic relationship that fulfills them together and apart.

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