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Life does not follow any script, like in the cinema. Unexpected things happen to us and it’s time to change our plans. In many occasions it is not easy to turn and we need to use external help. Others, we can become our own trainers if we know how to do it. Below, I pick up three practical proposals from three different books that can help us improve our mood, be emotional entrepreneurs, and successfully deal with the uncertain future.

1) Introduce humor into your life (especially if you are a boss). “Life is too important to be taken seriously”, said Oscar Wilde, the great Irish writer. If we want to surf difficult times and get more out of good ones, there is a very powerful tool available to everyone: a sense of humor. The greater the responsibility, the more important it is to have it. A sense of humor does not avoid responsibilities, as some fear, but it relieves tension, makes us more creative, and increases our productivity. And most importantly, we can all train him, even if we are not the kings of the joke or we think we have little grace. Each person must find their record, so there are different techniques to train a sense of humor, explains Sergio de la Calle in his book. Lead with humor (Editorial Platform).

De la Calle details in a simple way how important it is to have this ability in business. In addition, it helps us discover our own style and teaches us keys to be more fun and integrate this ability in our day to day.

2) How to find a partner in the postmodern era (or how to reinforce the one we have). Technology has transformed our affective relationships. Tinder and the immense amount of applications that exist to link offer pages with thousands of possible candidates. However, this mechanism contains a small trap: we are customer and product at the same time. Client to the extent that an algorithm offers us a catalog of possible candidates; product because it also makes us part of that catalog. All this influences our conception of love. We have already overcome the idea of romantic love based on a single relationship for life. British Anthony Giddens coined in 1992 the concept of love flocked, who bet on balanced and responsible relationships. In 2000, the Polish Zygmunt Bauman proposed the liquid love, which is characterized by immediacy, fragility and fear of long-lasting relationships.

The writer Montaña Vázquez offers us practical keys to successfully overcome emotional difficulties and find a partner in Match: how to find a partner in postmodernity (Encourages 2020). In the book she suggests that we Let us become emotional entrepreneurs, that is, let us regain connection with ourselves, train our minds and bodies, radiate enthusiasm, and learn to leave the past behind. It is an easy text to read, although it delves into one of the most important human needs: to love and feel loved.

3) The seven skills for the future. The world is changing so fast that we need to train new habits to overcome the difficulties we face. Emma-Sue Alemany, an expert in learning, has analyzed what are the skills that allow us to become protagonists of our lives. Her goal is for us to be able to develop our own conscience, to know what to do and say in any situation, to prepare ourselves for a job that we like and to have happier and more satisfying relationships. In The seven skills for the future (Active Company, 2020)Sue Alemany concludes that the characteristics that we can train are adaptability, critical thinking, empathy, integrity, optimism, proactivity and resilience. In his publication he analyzes each of them in detail, proposing exercises, case studies and reflections so that we can get down to work.

Jericho Pillar She is an entrepreneur, writer, lecturer, PhD in Business Organization and disseminator of research on human behavior.


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