How to increase the security of your meetings by enabling end-to-end encryption?

That’s it. Zoom has officially strengthened its security by deploying its end-to-end encryption for all users, free and paid. Currently available in a pre-release, Zoom hopes to quickly get feedback from its users.

The option, currently available only on the Desktop client as well as on Android, will arrive a little later on iOS. To be sure to take advantage of it, all users of the same meeting must have activated the option in their settings. Here’s how to enable end-to-end encryption in Zoom.

1. Log in to your Zoom account

Contrary to what one might think, access to Zoom’s security settings is not done from the application, but directly from the online interface. Go directly to the site to log in using your username and password.

2. Enter your account settings

When you get to your Zoom profile page, click Settings in the left column.

Scroll through the options displayed in the Meeting, then activate the option End-to-End Encrypted Meetings (E2E).

Zoom should then verify your identity by asking for your phone number. Then click on Send Verification Code, then enter the code received by SMS in the window Verification Code Sent and click on Verify.

Once this option is enabled, the cloud-based Zoom functions will no longer work. This will prevent you from recording your meetings in the cloud or calling phone numbers.

3. Enable End-to-End encryption

Once encryption is enabled for your account, you will need to choose the type of encryption you want to apply to your meetings.

L’option Enhanced encryption (Strong encryption) will store the encryption key in the cloud, while the option End-to-End encryption (End to End Encryption), much more secure, will store the encryption key locally on your machine.

Choose the latter and confirm your preferences by clicking on Record. No one other than you, not even Zoom, will be able to obtain this encryption key to decrypt your conversations and access their content.

You can verify that end-to-end encryption is activated in your meeting by the presence of a small icon representing a green shield, displayed at the top left of your video meeting window.

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