how to play for free on iPhone or iPad without going through the App Store?

A few days ago, iPhone players had the pleasant surprise of being able to (re)play Fortnite, without going through the AppStore, via Microsoft’s xCloud gaming cloud. Today, after a few months in the beta phase, the timeless Fortnite is available on another very popular platform, namely GeForce Now, from Nvidia. Enough to delight even more iOS players.

Fortnite on iOS also thanks to GeForce Now

The post shared by Nvidia on its blog couldn’t be clearer: “The wait is over: Gamers around the world can now play Fortnite on Safari iOS and Android devices on GeForce NOW with new touch controls.” A public launch which follows four months of beta phase, during which no less than half a million participants participated in more than 4 million game sessions.

Of course, if iOS users are the most advantaged with this arrival of Fortnite on GeForce Now, the game is offered for streaming wherever Nvidia’s cloud gaming service is available. GeForce Now is notably offered via native applications on Windows, macOS, Android, Android TV, certain LG televisions, not to mention certain web browsers such as Safari, Chrome and Edge.

Recall that GeForce Now offers various subscription plans, including premium subscriptions that include faster access to game servers, extended gaming sessions and RTX 3080-level PC gaming performance, all streaming from the Cloud.

Thus, in addition to a free formula and a priority form at €9.99/month, GeForce Now is available in “Maximum Performance” modea subscription that allows you to enjoy an RTX 3080 platform, with 8-hour gaming sessions, 4K resolution and a frame rate that can climb up to 120 frames per second in some games, which is the case of Fortnite .

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