How To Prepare Before Writing A College Essay

Whenever we fill out a college application, the most nerve-racking part is finishing the essay.

Some have even described this phenomenon as trying to swim across the ocean. Yes, it’s long and filled with first, second, and third drafts. After uncountable editing and omission, you finally come up with a final draft that is worth submitting.


Yet, for some perfectionists out there, it might not be up to the mark. Sometimes, you have a story to tell, but poor comprehension in the writing area flunks you. If you are adamant about getting into the top colleges for higher studies, but do not have enough confidence in your wiring skill, then your story shouldn’t go unnoticed.

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What Is Exactly A College Essay

A college essay is something every college applicant has to submit. This gives the college admission officer a brief idea about their skills, experiences, and extracurricular work so far.

However, a college essay is not your personal debate manifesto. So, we would suggest you try to avoid topics that are extremely sensitive. Subjects that are based on religious differences or political opinions. At the same time, try avoiding subjects like addiction, this is your college application and first impression is important.

If you wish to submit a foolproof college essay, then you can write about a mundane scenario and get admission. The task is to make your reader feel connected and not all charged up with heated opinions.

This is your college application; you can leave that for your debate club!

Tips For Writing The Perfect College Essay

Here are some of the expert-given tips which we have compiled together. They will help you fulfill that perfectionist itch for your college essays.

1. Importance Is The Key

Not all of us will have a story or an awakening experience. Something peculiar or drastic happened to our lives which gave your life a purpose. Some of us have dealt with pretty normal lives this far, so do not run after uniqueness.

When we say importance is the key, we mean something which is important to you. It could just be a philosophical excerpt of your bitter-sweet journey till this point in your life.

Ensure that whatever you are writing makes you happy when you jot down the pointers on the document.

2. Try Humor & Wit (Not Comedy)

This can be dangerous because, when used right, it can help you make an excellent first impression. However, it can spoil the entire mood when they come across the wrong one. So, the key is to not make them laugh out loud but to have a soft chuckle at the corner of their lips like they are impressed.

Try to add puns and be a witty (the wise kind). But, at the same time, do not go overboard with this activity. You are not writing a skit for SNL!

3. Avoid Repetitions

Even if it is just a 1000-word essay, it should have something new to say in each division. There is nothing that irritates the reader in the college admission board more than repetition in every sentence.

Bringing up the same subject after each paragraph or talking about the same incident in five different ways. It looks as if you just wanted your essay to be more worded.

4. Answer A Question

Your essay should have a definite purpose. Think of it as a flow chart; yes, it has branches and sub-parts, but it is all stemming from one parent topic. If you answer a definitive question in your essay, that will be your main trunk.

There should be a sense of completion by the end of the essay like the goal is fulfilled. Other than that, if you want to play with the literary weapon of ‘open-ended,’ do that with caution.

5. Try ‘Twist In The Tail.’

This is quite an old method, but it is nevertheless quite a clever one if you can place it right. This is when you get the reader hooked on your essay and then reveal something unexpected at the end.

However, mind that this tale of unexpectedness has been practiced before. So, if your twist is not a unique one (something not heard before), then do not bother because they probably have predicted it, and now you are sounding too pretentious.

6. Don’t Just Write About The Past

Yes, you will be delving into an incident from the past or talking about a journey. However, do not just loiter in the past. Show the reader how you are reflecting upon that in your present and how it will help you in your future.

Colleges want to see ambitious students who think about their future and not someone who is just living in the past because something exciting happened ten years ago.

7. Show Don’t Tell

Do not write passages starting with ‘So, in conclusion, or ‘Therefore, the lesson here is.’ If you are writing a redemption story, your admission officer already knows the lesson. You have to craft it in a way that shows and not just proclaims.

Place it cleverly, and talk about a recent incident and what you did. Show them that you are actively implementing the lessons and not just talking about them.

To End It!

Now that you have a fair draft of Do’s & Don’ts for your college essay, start preparing for your first draft. Also, prepare a few more drafts before you get that perfect copy.

Now, when it comes to editing, here is one trick which will prevent you from loathing your writing each time. Try to give it a day or two after you finish writing after you start editing.

If you are using a professional service, then mention these pointers to them as well.

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