how to reduce stress in a sustainable way?


As the sunless days approach, it is important to refuel. At the same time, reducing your stress level is essential if you want to live well this fall and winter. For that, Julia Vignali and Mélanie Gomez are there. The two leaders of Europe 1 reviewed, Thursday, the solutions to fight against hypertension, starting with stress reduction. In Well done for you, Thursday, were helped by Aline Richard, editor in chief of Figaro Health, and Claire Mounier-Véhier, head of department at the Lille CHRU & co-founder of Agir pour le cœur des femmes.

First of all, it may seem trivial, but you have to “take the time to take care of yourself” to reduce your stress, explains Claire Mounier-Véhier. This involves, for example, “taking nap breaks at noon, without necessarily sleeping, but shutting off screens, calming yourself alone, for a quarter of an hour”.

Gardening and yoga

Another pillar of the fight against stress, physical activity in the broad sense is a good ally in the face of the risk of hypertension. “Physical activity will cause endorphins to be secreted which will relax us”, continues the specialist. But it can take the form of walking or gardening, without necessarily going into a marathon every other day.

Finally, it is necessary to “keep this notion of benevolence, of smiling, of looking and taking care of others. It will counteract this negative rumination that we have in our brain, where we are very much turned towards the negative. Finally, it is also opening up to others with yoga, meditation or even rhythmic breathing “, explains Claire Mounier-Véhier.

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