Huawei is preparing a huge photo surprise for the premium version of the P70

2023-12-11 20:40:16

Now that the Mate 60 is launched, Huawei is preparing the replacement for the P60. According to rumors, the P70 would incorporate some of the innovations introduced in the P60 Pro and the Mate 50 Pro. One of the variants of the smartphone would go a little further by integrating a 1-inch Sony sensor. Explanations.

Le P60 Pro de Huawei

Despite the difficult conditions, Huawei continues to innovate in many areas. Let’s take a recent example: the Mate 60 Pro+, launched at the end of August in China. In this phone, you find an in-house processor which includes a 5G modem. The Chinese brand has therefore succeeded in creating its own component compatible with the latest generations of mobile networks. And in this same phone, you find the best photo configuration of the moment. It is placed in 1st position in the DXOMARK ranking, ahead of… Huawei’s P60 Pro.

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Huawei’s domination in photography is therefore blatant. Even if the Chinese firm does not achieve a perfect score in all situations, even if some photographers will prefer the slightly grainier and more natural rendering of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the P60 Pro and the Mate 60 Pro+ offer excellent photos. A result which does not only come from the now ended partnership with Leica. Indeed, the firm has continued to innovate alone on sensors, gimbal stabilization, optics and even variable aperture lenses.

Huawei’s P70 Art will have a 1-inch photo sensor

And according to recent rumors, Huawei will continue to innovate in 2024. Two well-known Chinese leakers have published on Weibo and Twitter several information about the photo configuration of the P70 series, which should be available in three models as in 2023: a standard model, a Pro model and an Art model (which could change its name next year). It is the equipment of the latter which attracts attention: the main sensor would be a IMX989 de Sony whose size reaches 1 inch. The Chinese firm even customized the sub-pixels to adopt the famous structure SOMETHING which she has been using since the P30 Pro.

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This giant sensor would be associated with a lens equipped with 7 lenses: 1 glass and 6 plastic. In addition, the aperture of this lens is variable, as on the Mate 50 Pro, P60 Pro and Mate 60 Pro. Three other pieces of information should be remembered. First, the main sensor of the P70 and P70 Pro would be a sensor 50 megapixel Omnivision. Then the P70 Pro and P70 Art would be equipped with a sensor 64 megapixel Omnivision behind a telephoto lens. The optical zoom would reach the 5x ratio. Finally, a new XMage image coprocessor would be included, as well as the fourth version of HarmonyOS. This is a great program.

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