HUAWEI reveals its 2022 operating results, showing stable performance go through challenges and have sustainable development

HUAWEI reveals its 2022 operating results, showing stable performance go through challenges And has sustainable development. Huawei Thailand Chairman of the Board also emphasizes confidence in investing in digital talent in Thailand. for a better Thailand

Huawei released its 2022 earnings report, reporting that the company has maintained stable operating results throughout 2022, with revenue reaching RMB 642.3 billion. profit of 35.6 billion yuan. Huawei will continue to focus on research and development (R&D) investment. The annual investment amounted to 161.5 billion yuan last year. accounted for 25.1% of the company’s annual revenue Huawei’s R&D investment in the past 10 years has exceeded 977.3 billion yuan.

“For 2022, the challenging external environment and other market factors continue to affect Huawei’s operations. In the midst of this monsoon We still have to move fast. Do everything within the scope of operations to maintain business continuity. and customer service. We also do our utmost to create growth. Make a consistent income To maintain its survival and lay the foundation for future development,” said Eric Xu, Huawei’s rotating CEO. Said at the company’s annual report press conference.

In addition, Ms. Sabrina Meng, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, rotates by rotation. and Chief Financial Officer of Huawei Also said at this press conference that “Although in the year 2022 there was a lot of pressure. but our overall business performance It’s still as expected. By the end of 2022, Huawei’s debt ratio was 58.9% and its net cash balance was 176.3 billion yuan. Our total asset balance reached one trillion yuan. Most of which consist of current assets such as cash, short-term investments. and assets in business operations Obviously, Huawei’s financial position remains strong. Flexible and stable. In 2022, our total R&D spending was RMB 161.5 billion, accounting for 25.1% of total revenue. This is the highest spending in Huawei’s history. shows that in times of pressure We are still ready to handle it with confidence.”

Mr. Eric Xu spoke at the press conference.

Miss Sabrina Meng spoke at the press conference.

In 2022, revenue from the carrier business segment was 284 billion yuan, revenue from the enterprise segment was 133.2 billion yuan, and revenue from Huawei’s consumer segment was 133.2 billion yuan. at 214.5 billion yuan in Thailand Huawei has announced its commitment to continuing to develop digital talent in Thailand. It has set a goal to train more than 20,000 developers, including more than 10,000 clean energy engineers, within three years. More than 14,000 CTs passed through the flagship program, Huawei ASEAN Academy. Huawei will launch a water play campaign during the festival. By inviting participants on social media channels to join the event with Huawei. If the participants reach 5,000 or more, Huawei will provide solar cells to schools in rural areas. The installation of solar cell roof to generate electricity with solar energy. It will provide these rural schools with a stable electricity source that will last all year. Even during the rainy season

In addition, the issue of cybersecurity is an important issue in Thailand. And Huawei is committed to dealing with the issue. The company intends to launch a cybersecurity communications plan for Thailand. using the form of short video clips and storytelling techniques To educate the public about cybersecurity. Huawei aims to make awareness and understanding easier for the general public.

Huawei believes that the company can be successful only if its partners are successful as well. and to improve the services of Huawei partners. Huawei will optimize the policy for partners. and use the best accreditation standards and incentive rules. This includes improving the partnership agreement registration process. To ensure partners benefit in a more professional and systematic way.

by Mr. David Li, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. continues to emphasize the company’s vision of “Growing up in Thailand Let’s support Thailand”

All financial statements in the 2022 Annual Report are independently audited by KPMG, one of four global accounting firms. The 2022 Annual Report can be downloaded here.

Note: The 2022 closing exchange rate is $1.00 = RMB 6.9533.

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