Hugo Sánchez reproaches the AMF for lack of support for players

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Mexico City / 04/21/2020 00:43:07


Hugo Sanchez declined to be the leader of the Association of Professional Soccer Players of Mexico to defend the union because he argued that he has other things to do that pay off more. This was announced in the ESPN network where the role of the current AMFpro was debated before the imminent disappearance of the rise-fall.

I have other things to do, José Luis and I am very busy, at the time I supported even had the plane tickets bought from Gerardo González, who was president of the Association of Spanish footballers and was already to come to advise the person who could be president of the association of Mexicans“He expressed.

Before the statements the AMFpro He complained to him through a tweet and assured that they have been waiting for him since the 80s.

A sadness that you tell us that you have no time to support footballers since the 80s, today we are still waiting for you

Sáncez recalled that 27 years ago, he tried to disappear the Draft but he did not succeed due to the boycott of some footballers and among them he indicated as scabs to José Manuel “Chepo” de la Torre, Carlos Hermosillo and Roberto Ruiz Esparza, who intervened and the draft could not be removed.

“Since I came to Atlético de MadridImmediately the Spanish Footballers Association put on the table the contract to join me because that is the custom, all players whether local or foreign we have to be registered yes or yes. There is a union there, unfortunately in Mexican soccer, the soccer player there is no union“Commented the Penta.

The eclectic of Pumas and the Mexican National Team He assured that the players are not currently cowards but they continue to fear the managers who pay their salaries.

“No cowardice, but rather fear. Being a slave, remember the Knight Pact that has lasted a lifetime until now, even though you end your contract as a player you can go to any team. For fear they cannot reveal themselves against who feeds you and that fear. In my time I was advising my teammates who called me a ringleader or leader, “he added.

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