Hundred Flowers Falling on Fertile Land, Light and Shadow Imprinting Jiangcheng – The 36th Hundred Flowers Awards for Popular Films came to a successful conclusion

Hundred Flowers Falling on Fertile Land, Light and Shadow Imprinting Jiangcheng – The 36th Hundred Flowers Awards for Popular Films came to a successful conclusion

2022-07-31 09:26:52Source: Xinhua News Agency

This is the scene of the 36th Hundred Flowers Awards for Popular Films filmed on July 30.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Cheng Min

Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, July 30th: “Hundred Flowers Falling on Fertile Land, Light and Shadows in Jiangcheng – The 36th Hundred Flowers Awards for Popular Films Concluded Successfully”

Xinhua News Agency reporter

On the evening of the 30th, the 36th Hundred Flowers Awards for Popular Films was announced in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The movie “Changjin Lake”, which vividly interprets the great spirit of resisting U.S. aggression and aid Korea, won the Best Film Award, Yuan Quan won the Best Actress Award for her performance in the anti-epidemic movie “Chinese Doctor”, and Zhang Yi won the Best Actress Award for her performance in “On the Cliff”. Performance won the Best Actor Award. Awards for Outstanding Film, Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Newcomer were also announced.

Traveling through 60 years of light and shadow stories, the Hundred Flowers Award has always resonated with the times, reflecting “China’s power” and “China’s self-confidence”.

The city of heroes composes a magnificent epic

Movies, light and shadow change, a hundred flowers bloom. Wuhan is full of courage and freedom in the world.

Wuhan, located on the banks of the Yangtze River, has a centuries-old bond with Chinese films. In 1905, Wuhan Peking Opera master Tan Xinpei starred in the pioneering work of Chinese film “Dingjun Mountain”; when the Wuchang Uprising broke out in 1911, one of China’s earliest documentaries “Wuhan War” was born; after the founding of New China, Beijing Film Studio , “Honghu Red Guards” produced by Wuhan Film Studio won the Best Music Award at the first Hundred Flowers Awards.

In 2020, a sudden epidemic made Wuhan experience an extraordinary time. Nirvana in adversity has also spawned a number of excellent realist creation films. “Chinese Doctor” vividly depicts real scenes such as medical staff’s life-and-death rescue in the red zone, the courageous retrograde movement of medical teams in Hubei, and mortal heroes protecting lives with their lives.

“The audience sobbed and shed tears several times. We saw the tenacity of the city of Wuhan in the most difficult time of fighting the epidemic.” Yu Dong, chairman of Bona Films, recalled the scene of the premiere of “Chinese Doctor” in Wuhan. This video is dedicated to every medical worker who has worked hard for the country and every Chinese who has contributed to the fight against the epidemic.

The hero city interprets the legend of light and shadow, and Chinese movies are engraved with the imprint of Wuhan. 2022 is the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Hundred Flowers Award for popular films. At this special moment, the Hundred Flowers Award meets Wuhan, a city that loves movies, which is of great significance.

Forge ahead in the era and sing praises to the great people

From the red classics of “The Red Detachment of Women” and “Li Shuangshuang”, to the reflection and opening of “Little Flower” and “Love in Lushan Mountain”, to the struggling heroes of “Founding Ceremony” and “Jiao Yulu”, they all write the strong voice of the times and the stories of the people.

60 years have passed, and the pace of the new era has been triumphant all the way.

Since entering the 21st century, Chinese films have sounded the horn of reform and development. “Wolf Warriors 2”, “Operation Red Sea”, “Changjin Lake” and other well-received films have emerged one after another. The film workers who are fighting in the front line are actively involved in the new journey of struggle, grasping the baton of the times, and showing the Chinese filmmakers. strength.

“The application of modern film technology and the innovative expression of film art have created a new chapter in the main theme blockbuster.” said Meng Jun, a professor at the School of Art of Wuhan University. Transform touching archetypal stories into memorable era memories.

“Changjin Lake” is a film with the largest investment and production scale in the history of Chinese film, which will be presented in the National Day file in 2021. Behind the film’s winning the crown is years of script polishing, large-scale prop preparation, and over 100 kilometers of scheduling design. Each of the main creators is in awe, and strives to use images to show the world the patriotic spirit of the Chinese People’s Volunteers for the motherland and the nation.

“Salute to the great spirit of Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea.” Wu Jing, an actor nominated for Best Actor, said that it is an honor as an actor to be able to bring those epic stories and characters to the screen.

Sun Chonglei, deputy secretary-general of the China Film Association, said that he hoped that more actors would not forget their original intentions, concentrate on their creations, devote themselves to the great rivers of the new era, write the epic of the people’s struggle, and use more and better works as historical statues, Cast the soul for the people and sing for the times.

The power of innovation promotes the prosperity of literature and art

Over the past 60 years, the Hundred Flowers Award, which has been participated by a broad audience, has carried the glory and dreams of generations of filmmakers, and brought together the majestic power of film artists and film workers to create and pursue with great concentration.

During the three-day 36th Hundred Flowers Awards for Popular Films, a number of activities such as industry forums, 60th anniversary theme exhibitions, and artists going to the grassroots were held simultaneously. With this event, Chinese filmmakers celebrate the blooming of a hundred flowers and look forward to the future of Chinese film together.

The innovative power of “technology + art” is injecting new momentum into the film industry. The Chinese sci-fi movies represented by “The Wandering Earth” present the feelings and romance of Chinese people under the cloak of technology; “The Devil Child of Nezha” uses advanced technology to create a new height of Chinese animation…

“From film projectors to digital projectors, from black and white to color, from silent to sound, from 2D to 3D, it is essentially the continuous innovation of film and television technology.” Chang Hongsong, founder and chairman of Beijing Tiangong Yicai Film and Television Technology Co., Ltd. It is said that in the future, more efficient technology will satisfy creators’ ideas to a greater extent and meet the growing cultural needs of the people.

The newly released “2022 China Film Industry Research Report” also provides a gratifying data: in 2021, the film output and number of moviegoers in the Chinese film market will continue to remain the first in the world.

“The Hundred Flowers Award for Popular Films is voted by the people one vote at a time, and it is of great significance. I will always be grateful to the audience.” Zhu Xijuan, the best actress at the first Hundred Flowers Award, said that the future of Chinese films lies in the younger generation. In the next 60 years, I hope that the Hundred Flowers Awards will create greater glories and bring more Chinese films to the world. (Reporters Liao Jun, Xiong Qi, Yu Pei, Xiong Xianghe)

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