Hundreds of prototypes of games for Dreamcast and Xbox leaked to the network

Team of enthusiasts Project Delugelooking for prototypes and early builds of games, published on The Hidden Palace several hundred projects for Dreamcast and Xbox.
Most of the released games are pre-release builds. But there are also some interesting finds – for example, the prototype of the Xbox version of the vampire action game. The Vatz, which the developed Beenoxand then canceled for no apparent reason.

Also, a curious detail was found in the prototype. Now GT – a racing simulator developed exclusively for the Dreamcast as an answer Great tourism.

It’s funny what the race is called sonygt2, and the low-poly hero is easily recognizable as the brother of Mario. But at that time SEGA I haven’t thought about leaving the console market yet, much less collaborating with Nintendo… So is this a joke from developers for internal use, so to speak?

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