Hunter Biden must appear in court in person after being charged

2023-09-21 06:07:48

A judge in Wilmington, Delaware, rejected Hunter Biden’s request on Wednesday that he wanted to be connected to the reading of the indictment via video. The court recognized that the journey would be difficult for Biden. But the appointment is important and the 53-year-old’s appearance is necessary, judge Christopher Burke decided.

Biden’s residence is on the west coast in California, Delaware is on the east coast. The judge set the date for next Tuesday. The president’s son is accused of providing false information when purchasing weapons several years ago and knowingly concealing his drug addiction. A planned deal between Hunter Biden and the public prosecutor responsible for the allegations had previously collapsed. According to court documents, the charge includes three counts: making a false statement during the purchase, making false statements to the dealer and possessing a weapon while illegally using drugs. Hunter Biden made his long-term drug addiction public in a book in 2021. He has been in the sights of the US justice system for a long time.


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