Huo Qigang, Guo Jingjing and his daughters visit Ngong Ping, hoping to quickly implement “0+0” to revive the tourism industry

Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing take their daughters to visit Ngong Ping.

Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing have been married for many years and have been very loving. Although the two in-laws were born into a wealthy family, their lives are very close. A few days ago, Huo Qigang posted a photo of a family of five visiting the Giant Buddha and Ngong Ping Market on social networks. In the photo, he saw the whole family wearing sportswear sneakers, and the two girls were even braided, very cute.

Huo Qigang said frankly that he hopes to implement “0+0To revive Hong Kong’s economy, he wrote: “Taking advantage of the National Day weekend, the family went on a day trip to the Giant Buddha on Lantau Island, met a local artist, and saw a lot of oil paintings, one of which has a beautiful view of Tai O. Beautiful. This time I went to Ngong Ping market, it was deserted and quiet. Many shops did not open their doors for business because the business was not good. I hope we can implement it soon.”0+0“, attracting overseas tourists to Hong Kong, revitalizing Hong Kong’s tourism industry, and seeing a vibrant and crowded Hong Kong again. “

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