Hwang Hye-young complains of abnormal symptoms after being vaccinated against Corona… “The white blood cell count went down.”

▲ Hwang Hye-young. (Source = Hwang Hye-young SNS)

Hwang Hye-young, a former singer-songwriter shopping mall CEO, revealed that she was experiencing abnormal symptoms after being vaccinated.

On the 30th, Hwang Hye-young posted a long article on her Instagram saying, “I was vaccinated and my condition was not the same as before.

Hwang Hye-young said, “I got the second dose three days ago, some time after the first dose of the last vaccine, and so far, my condition is not the same as before.”

He continued, “The hospital decided to test again in a week after saying it seems to be affected by the vaccine.” “It’s a bit embarrassing. Should I report it as an abnormal symptom? How am I supposed to do this?” he exclaimed.

In response, netizens advised, “After receiving the vaccine, you should rest well”, “It would be better to call the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or public health center”, and “It is also good to go to a related cafe where information is shared.”

Meanwhile, Hwang Hye-young was born in 1973 and is 49 years old this year. In 2011, he married businessman Kim Kyung-rok, a former politician, and they have twin children. In 2020, it was regrettable that he was still battling the disease after surgery for a brain tumor 10 years ago.


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