I am accumulating knowledge about food. Preparations for the opening of the cafe are progressing steadily.[Kazuma Anzai Blog]

2023-09-03 12:00:00

These days, I have many opportunities to learn about food.

The cheese called “Shirone” is

Swiss hard cheese

It was very delicious.

The one I ate was aged for 16 months.

With strong umami and rich taste,

I can’t get enough of the chewy texture in some places.

Next time, I would like to enjoy it with Swiss wine.

It seems that it is not widely distributed in Japan.

I wish I could offer it at my store.

Hey there.

I had the shop install a takeout window.

There is also an open park nearby, so

Drinking coffee outside is also delicious.

The store is scheduled to open in October.

see you.

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