“I can not answer…”

Like Emmanuel André or Marc Van Ranst, Steven Van Gucht has become a real personality thanks to his media coverage since the start of the coronavirus crisis. The faces of virologists and epidemiologists are now known to all and it is not uncommon to see them in the media on other occasions than in the context of the health crisis.

Steven Van Gucht is, for example, now a real “Bekend vlaming”, a “famous Flemish”, in the north of the country. He will also make his debut this Thursday evening in the hit program of the VIER channel, “De slimste mens ter wereld”.

On this subject, an excerpt from the first episode has already leaked. On this one, we can see Steven Van Gucht being questioned about his marital status. If the interfederal spokesperson for coronavirus was still single not long ago, the situation has visibly changed. When asked if he was still single, the virologist put on a pout that could not be more meaningful, before adding an “I can’t answer …” which says it all.

A sequence to see here.


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