I checked the countermeasure patch to solve the performance degradation of Ryzen in the Windows 11 environment | Mynavi News

AMD when using Ryzen processorAnnounced on October 6th that performance degradation will occur in the Windows 11 environmentHowever, the corresponding patch distribution has also started on the regular channel of Windows 11.

There were two problems, one was that the latency of the L3 cache was about three times that of Windows 10, and the other was that CPPC2 did not properly prioritize the preferred core. Microsoft was supposed to fix the former, and AMD would fix the latter.The former, a patch had already been released on the Windows insider channel, but on October 22nd, Japan time.KB5006746Has begun to be distributed on the regular channel, and can already be installed (Photo 01).

On the other hand, it is compatible with CPPC2, which is also already available from AMD.The company’s driver download pageFrom “Chipset”-> “Socket AM4”-> select the desired chipset (I chose “X570”)download pageComes out, and you can download Chipset Driver from here.

Well, I tried a simple test. The processor is Ryzen 9 5950X, but before and after applying KB5006746 and CPPC2 Driver, I checked Latency using Global Data Memory: In-Page Random of Cache & Memory Latency of Sandra 2021 (Photo 02) ). When KB5006746 is applied, the latency tends to increase slightly in the L1 → L2 area, but it can be seen that the latency clearly decreases in the L3 area (4MB to 32MB).

Therefore, if you are using Windows 11 with Ryzen, we recommend applying KB5006746 and UEFI CPP2 Driver.

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