“I don’t have to submit to public derision”

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The candidate for Buenos Aires deputy for the Front of All, Victoria Tolosa Paz, referred in an interview to a video that circulated in the last hours where she is seen shopping in a mall. “I will continue making my life like every day”, defended himself after expressing that the images were disseminated by an “army of trolls” from Marcos Peña, former Chief of Staff of Mauricio Macri. He also charged against Maria Eugenia Vidal and explanations about your assets.

Social networks echoed an anonymous video where the Peronist candidate is seen with her husband, the businessman Enrique “Pepe” Albistur, making purchases in a mall and carrying bulky shopping bags. The document that lasts a few seconds shows how Tolosa Paz delivers the packages to his partner and prepares to pay, while the man leaves the place.

In an interview with Channel Nine, the former coordinator of the Table Against Hunger defended herself from the criticism and argued that it was an attack by trolls. “I will continue making my life like every day”said Tolosa Paz.

He also detailed that it is an old video. “It was before the elections. I went through a shopping mall and bought gifts for my husband’s daughters and my grandchildren, I have all the right in the world to buy what I want, ”she defended. “I don’t have to submit to public derision”He expressed about the video that was even shared by journalist Eduardo Feinmann, who is usually very critical of the ruling party.

“I want to continue being who I was, I manage my home, I do the shopping and errands. If someone chooses to make it viral, I will continue walking the streets of Argentina ”, warned the candidate of the Frente de Todos.

Criticisms of María Eugenia Vidal and Marcos Peña

In addition to responding to the viralized anonymous video, Tolosa Paz spoke critically about the candidate for deputy of Together for Change, María Eugenia Vidal, who last week was questioned about the acquisition of an apartment in the Recoleta area. “I can account for my heritage”, said the FrenteTodista candidate and asserted that “there is an inconsistency in her statement.”

In addition, he questioned the former macrista chief of staff, Marcos Peña, and pointed out to him for the dissemination of the video “to the army of trolls” of the now Vidal advisor in the Buenos Aires campaign.

Marcos Peña

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Marcos Peña

This week, Tolosa Paz was in the eye of the storm for having declared that the opposition was preparing “a soft hit” with the blue dollar to “weaken the government” before legislative elections on November 14 and “generating very adverse conditions.” “They want to teach us instead of having a bit of humility, a bit of responsibility,” he referred to the subject again, confirming his words.

In addition, he again questioned the “attempts to destabilize economically, attempts to devalue the currency, constant and resounding attempts” and stated that “in the world they are called soft coups, damaging the government of the day in search of building a revenue.”

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