Sport "I don't know who, but someone has put their...

“I don’t know who, but someone has put their hand in the box”


The fire series around Josep Maria Bartomeu continues to add new chapters. Emili Rousaud revealed the critical situation of the Barça board this morning in an interview with The world at RAC1, point by point. The former Barça executive, one of the six who left the club in the last hours, said “there is someone who has shoved hands in the box” under the Barçagate and the services contracted to manage the flows. opinion on social networks. “It’s a gross case. I honestly believe that someone has put their hands in the box. That these services are worth 100,000 euros and that we paid a million means that someone has put their hands in the box. There is a significant economic difference. he is paying an overpayment. I do not know who he was and what level he is a part of. The contract had been broken into pieces to prevent the commission where I was from being aware of the situation and this is very ugly, “he said. -is definitely the figure of the current President.

“I don’t know if Bartomeu knows who he was. It’s important to understand the situation. There have been a number of irregularities. What we will not do is look elsewhere. It hurts all of us to leave. Some of ours teammates wanted to leave together to send a message to the partner, and I think it’s important: We work for our club, we’re loyal to the club, I’m aware that if we leave the board, in a month we won’t have any microphones to talk to. “I was really excited to be the president of Barça, but I want to sleep well. We could see more resignations. There are three executives who have doubts whether to continue or not.”

Six managers resign and leave Bartomeu alone

The economic weight

The former vice president has analyzed the reasons for his farewell to Barca focusing on the economic scenario. “The invitation to leave was given to us last week by the chairman, who is closely linked to the PwC audit to be published. I said why these decisions were made to the board now, why not expect this? My suspicion is that the audit is about to come to light The audit is almost complete The president may know what this audit is saying If I know that he is almost done the president must also know “It,” he said.

“It has also affected the measures taken these days in the reduction of football players’ salaries during the downturn. We said that the reduction would be insufficient to cover the disappearance of income. The council was not heeded. We do, because I really like the comment the President makes when he calls me, we think about the feasibility of the club, not about the footballers, “he said.

Rousaud said that the big decisions that will set Barça’s future “should be led by a new board”. “Barça has two major challenges. On the one hand, it is on the economic side, because income will decrease, as in the whole country. I think we can better cope with a new board that has 6 years in front. “Espai Barça. We decided to hold a referendum. It is now unfeasible because we are confined. It would make sense for the new board to decide these issues. “I respect all my co-workers because they are great people,” he said.




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