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Despite modern times, social learning that advances in the acceptance of dozens of behaviors, unintelligible and reprehensible actions still abound. in which he fell Juanita Repetto, for a very simple fact.

It turns out that the daughter of Nicholas Repetto She became, voluntarily or involuntarily, a kind of influencer of motherhood and in this phenomenon she often comes across criticism on social networks from other women and now she focused on her intention to feed her two children healthily.

Repetto He jumped to his Instagram to share his opinion on this subject and released a sharp, and highly valuable, position on his thought: “For me it is key that the whole family eat real food“. In line with the products that abound in educational establishments.

In that way, Juanita asserted that she does not recommend the consumption of the typical, and commercial, sweet cookies, before the consultation of a follower. “I don’t give them because I have the possibility to choose better options. Why would I give them to them knowing they are crap? If they knew the damage they do to their children”, he exclaimed.

In the same trend, Repetto addressed a problem that afflicts her, which is linked to the food that she prepares for Toribio for lunch in the gardenn. “I’m having a fight with the school lunch. He doesn’t eat a rubber band. He only wants noodles, nuggets, milanese, rice, eggs, etc. Everything else stays in the tupperware, what he does eat is fruit. Anyway… .I got fed up. I send him what he eats and at night I try to make him eat, yes or yes, some vegetables“, he acknowledged.

As soon as a user told him that she does not have the chance to offer her little ones something healthy and that for that reason she opts for cookies, Juana he wrote: “They are harmful to comprehensive and dental health. There is always the chance to give them fruit, which is even cheaper and does not take time to prepare.”.

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