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Continuing with the section featured products and servicesfor today’s edition I want to recommend you CleanMyMac XApple computer-oriented software that aims to be an all-in-one solution for your Mac to run smoothly.

In a matter of a few minutes CleanMyMac X will clean useless files with a single objective: that your computer recovers the speed of the first day.

More Useful Features of CleanMyMac X

Thanks to the smart features of Apple’s computer software, CleanMyMac it will clean up files you don’t need, like old caches, broken downloads, log files and translations that don’t work for you.

In addition to this, you’ll remove tons of digital junk that accumulates in iTunes, Mail and Photos, as well as locate gigabytes of hidden files.

With this program you can improve your productivity and the speed of your Macsince the software will learn from your work by receiving a list with all the options you have to get it out of trouble, that is, free up RAM, run maintenance scripts, manage login elements or Launch Agents and exit applications that do not they respond.

On the other hand, you can remove malware, adware, ransomware, and all other macOS-specific wares, and when the software finds something suspicious, the app cuts it short.


Something relevant is that the CleanMyMac database is updated regularly and the Protection module has your back, always.

It’s truly the best all-in-one cleaner on the market, offering simple tools to bring speed, agility, and new life to that old Mac lying around the house.

CleanMyMac X

Download and try CleanMyMac X

if you want to download CleanMyMacyou can try a free version from this link or if you want to buy this program, we tell you that it is an excellent bet for have your Mac like new and with a couple of clicks.

In addition to this software, I tell you that I am updating the amazon wish listI leave you the list of my favorites.

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