“I thought it was an alien and I was terrified”

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Turtle lands in car window

In the US state of Georgia, a motorist encountered an eerie kind. A turtle crashed into her windshield.

  • A Georgia woman and her brother were in shock when a turtle flew into the windshield of their car at full speed.
  • The car occupants were lucky, the turtle died in an animal care station.
  • The police are currently investigating how the strange accident could have happened.

What happened to Latonya Lark from Georgia is likely to be included in the list of the most unlikely accidents. On May 12, she drove to Savannah to go shopping when she suddenly saw a strange object approaching her. “Oh my god, it’s a brick,” she called to her brother, as she told the “WSAV” broadcaster. Lark immediately slowed down, but before the two realized what was going on, there was a big bang. A turtle crashed into the windshield in front of the passenger.

Although it was her brother who was slightly injured in the incident, he tried to calm his upset sister. Finally they stopped at the side of the road to call for help. The animal was stuck in the middle of the disk. “I don’t want to lie, I thought it was an extraterrestrial when I saw the legs that suddenly slipped out of the tank. I was terrified. »

Police were speechless

The police who were alerted were also speechless. No one could explain how the animal had gotten into such a situation. The turtle had miraculously survived the accident and lost one leg. It should be pumped up again in an animal care station. In the end, however, she died because she had lost too much blood.

The two car occupants were luckier. “The police say if the glass hadn’t been so thick and if I hadn’t slowed down my trip, the accident would have been much worse,” said Lark. How the turtle could land in the windshield is currently being investigated by the police.


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