I tried the popular “mashed hair” but it was a huge failure![冨永章胤ブログ]

2024-03-31 12:00:00

“Mashed hair” is something that everyone seems to like these days.

Completed look by hair stylist

I had my hair styled by a hairstylist, and when I took a picture of it, I got a comment saying, “This is great too!” so I thought I’d try it myself! If you think so, you’ve made a big mistake! !

I was aiming for this
If you try it yourself, this is it

It turned out weird.lol

Akitane Tominaga

Akitane Tominaga

men’s nonno model

From 2023, she will be an exclusive model for Men’s Nonno. At 190cm, he is the tallest among active men’s non-no models. She is a big gamer and has a game room at his house.

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