“I want to write right away!” 4 analog notebooks that can take notes of ideas and tasks at the fastest speed[Today’s life hack tool]| Lifehacker Japan

“I have to take notes now!” “I want to write them down before I forget them.”Analog notebooks can output the fastest

Among such analog notebooks, recently, excellent items that pursue greater efficiency and usability have appeared one after another.

So this timeserialization[lifehack tool of the dayIntroducing notebooks that support the fastest output from and increase work efficiency!

What is the “best” size for a work notebook?Kokuyo “sooofa” is perfect

When choosing a notebook for work, I think that there are many people who are conscious of the size. However, I am wondering which size is actually the easiest to use and has the highest functionality.

Therefore, we recommend a compact and wideKokuyo’s “sooofa”. sooofa isIt’s a B6 wide modified format, which is a size that specializes in making memos easier to write.

Not only the size but also various ingenuity is applied, it is a notebook that you want to be a companion for work, brainstorming, etc. If you are interested, check out the review article below.

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B6 size is perfect for work notes!Ingenuity of Kokuyo’s ring notebook “sooofa”[Today’s life hack tool]| Lifehacker Japan

“HINGE” allows you to take notes in 1 second “anytime” and “anywhere”

There are many scenes where I take notes other than when I’m sitting.

Even when you want to take notes immediately, such as when you are on the phone or on the move, but your hand is not stable, there is a notebook that allows you to write down neatly.HINGE』。

on the main side,Holds a few sheets of paperIt is possible to insert a pen. In addition, the seat is hard and solid, and anyway, it is highly practical.

1 second until writing! You can “rapidly output” your ideas and thoughts.

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Prepare memo in 1 second!The fastest output item

Prepare memo in 1 second!The fastest output item “HINGE”[Today’s life hack tool]| Lifehacker Japan

If you have an ever-changing toolbox “MEMOTTE”, you can take notes as soon as you have an idea.

MEMOTTEis a storage item for small items with a glass top, but it is also an excellent memo tool.

on the lid of the storage compartmentA glass whiteboard is used, and unlike a normal whiteboard, it is possible to cleanly erase marker ink.

Please make full use of it for temporary memos, ToDo management, and memorandums. The following article introduces the function in more detail, so be sure to check it out.

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MEMOTTE, a memo-taking toolbox for home workers.[Today's Life Hack Tool]| Life Hacker Japan

MEMOTTE, a memo-taking toolbox for home workers.[Today’s Life Hack Tool]| Life Hacker Japan

If you have a “hand memo”, this is the one for you. “wemo band type”

Unexpectedly, it may be the fastest to take notes on your hand. However, the disadvantage is that it disappears quickly and the characters are difficult to read because they are not stable.

“wemo band type”is a gem that is especially pleasing for such “hand memo school”. Simply wrap it around your wrist to complete a memo at hand.

The entire silicon surface is a memo surface that can be written on with an oil-based ballpoint pen.

For example, it is very useful when there is no telephone mouth, paper and pen ready. It is an item with excellent portability and efficiency because you can always wear it on your arm along with a dedicated pen.

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This is the

This is the “memo in hand” group.Wearable memo & pen “wemo”[Today’s life hack tool]| Lifehacker Japan

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