“I was taken aback…”

2023-05-18 21:55:03

Addressing the issue of freedom of the press, Fatou Blondin Diop, guest of TFM’s “Soir d’info”, engaged in a heated debate with journalist Cherif Diop.

Today, the Telecommunications Engineer by training split a post to come back to this question. Here is his full post!

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« My dear compatriots,

My presence on the TFM set on May 15, 2023, aimed to call for government accountability in the democratic process by highlighting important issues for society. I wanted to address crucial issues and contribute to a constructive and informed debate.

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However, I was caught off guard when the reporter took a partisan stance, turning away from his role of neutral and objective questioning. This situation prevented a balanced exchange and limited the possibility of fully exploring the topics discussed.

In a media environment where objectivity and impartiality are paramount, it is essential that journalists demonstrate neutrality and respect for ethical principles. Citizens have the right to hear different perspectives and form their own opinions, and this can only be achieved if the press fulfills its role responsibly.

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The press plays a crucial role in promoting transparency, reliable information and pluralism of ideas. Expectations from the press are numerous: to inform objectively, to verify the facts, to give a voice to all the parties concerned and to reflect the diversity of opinions within society.

We expect the press to stand on the side of the truth, critically examine the actions of governments and institutions, and uphold democratic principles. The media have the power to shape public opinion and spark constructive debate, and they must exercise that power with responsibility and integrity.

I stressed the importance of freedom of the press and respect for democratic values. It calls for a press that does not content itself with relaying partisan opinions, but that seeks to inform in an impartial manner, to encourage citizen participation and to promote a fair and democratic society.

We must continue to demand an independent press that works to preserve democracy by holding governments accountable and being rigorous in the dissemination of information. Respect for journalistic principles and ethics is essential to guarantee public confidence and the vitality of our democracy.

I recall the importance of a free, objective and committed press, capable of denouncing abuses of power, giving voice to marginalized voices and contributing to the construction of a more just and democratic society.

Fatou Blondin Diop »


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