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The Kuomintang Central Committee today (29) nominated Xie Fuhong, the retired director of the Miaoli Management Office of the Farmland and Water Conservancy Administration, to run for the election of Miaoli County Mayor. Miaoli County Speaker Zhong Dongjin, who has frequently shown his willingness to run for elections, said that he already knew about it, which was expected. He said that he could not look back, he would run for election at the established pace, and he would not speak ill of the Party Central Committee and Xie Fuhong.

▲ Zhong Dongjin is afraid of leaving the party and running for election (Photo / Retrieved from Facebook)

Huang Jianting, secretary-general of the Kuomintang, pointed out at the regular meeting of the Kuomintang that he originally suggested that legislator Xu Zhirong can run for the election of Miaoli county magistrate, but Xu wanted to stay in the Legislative Yuan and work hard because of his personal wishes. He said that after discussions at the election policy meeting, it was recommended to nominate Xie Fuhong for the election. In the end, the nomination was also passed by the Standing Committee of the Central Committee.

“United News Network” reported that Zhong Dongjin said that he had already been informed of the nomination of Xie Fuhong by the Party Central Committee, which was also expected. He said that Xie’s participation in the election can divert the firepower of his opponents, which is not a bad thing. He will continue to run for election, setting up campaign headquarters in Miaoli City and Toufen City, and setting up service offices in other townships.

Zhong Dongjin pointed out that he can’t look back and will run for election according to the established pace. In addition, he will not speak ill of the Party Central Committee and Xie Fuhong, so that the Kuomintang will have a reason to fire him; if Xie comes to visit him, he will be happy to chat with Xie, hoping to respect each other, not attack each other, and be a respected opponent. .

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