Iberia Expands Flights to Latin America: More Connections and Destinations

2023-08-31 16:36:40

The Spanish airline Iberia announced that it will increase its connections with Latin America by adding flights to Peru, reaching 13 weekly flights from Lima to Europe, starting in September. They will do the same with Venezuela, with five frequencies from Caracas to the old continent.

Travelers from Latin America will have available European destinations such as Paris, Milan or Rome; and also connections to other cities such as Athens, Budapest, Dusseldorf, Stockholm, Hamburg, Oslo, Prague and Zurich, as well as around 700 weekly flights in Spain.

Starting this September, the airline seeks to reinforce its commitment to Latin America, with this increase in weekly frequencies between Madrid and Lima, which means that this destination will have two daily flights every day, except on Sunday.

Brazil, which together with Ecuador is one of the two countries in Latin America to which Iberia offers two destinations, will have 11 weekly frequencies, adding daily flights between Sao Paulo and Madrid, and four between Rio de Janeiro and the capital of Spain .

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Other destination countries in Latam

Mexico City, with 21 weekly frequencies, is Iberia’s destination in Latin America with the highest capacity, a figure that the company will also match with three daily flights in Bogotá throughout the winter season.

Likewise, Argentina will have 14 weekly frequencies, while Chile fully recovers all the capacity prior to the pandemic, with 10 frequencies. Also, with 10 weekly frequencies, there will be Ecuador, since Quito will reach the daily flight, to which are added the three weekly frequencies with Guayaquil.

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In the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic will have an increase during the winter season of up to nine weekly frequencies in January and 10 in February. Puerto Rico will also increase its connectivity with Spain in a frequency up to five weekly, while a daily flight will arrive at the beginning of 2024. The connection with Havana will have three weekly frequencies.

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In Central America, the routes with Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama, as well as Uruguay, will have a daily flight.

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