Iceland Restaurant Owner Kicks Out ‘Dr. Phonthip’ for Criticizing Thailand: Senator Scandal

2023-09-29 22:11:00

Restaurant owner in Iceland kicks ‘Dr.Phonthip’ out of the restaurant, claiming he hates him a lot. Can’t accept what Senator Pornthip has done to Thailand.

Today (30 Sep. 2023) netizens shared a clip of Dr. Pornthip Rojanasunan, a member of the Senate (Senator), traveling to Iceland. It was owned by a Thai restaurant owner in Iceland. Point your finger and drive them out of the store. The owner of the shop gave the reason that Can’t accept what Senator Pornthip has done to Thailand. I really hate it. Even though I used to like this senator very much in the past. But now I can’t accept it. Therefore had to be fired from the store

While Dr. Porntip posted a message on his personal Facebook page “Porntip Rojanasunan” that it was the last morning in Iceland. We walked around the city looking for a hotdog shop that people recommended. Truly delicious, as rumored Unfortunately I didn’t get to take photos of another delicious chicken burger restaurant called YuZu that I came to Iceland to recommend.

One of the people traveling together has Miss Mallika Jiraphanwanich Member of the House of Representatives, Lopburi Province Bhumjaithai Party included.

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