“Idol Uzumaki The Idol” is full of embarrassment before the finale! With 1 episode left, BLACKPINK Jennie is in a polygamous relationship, and the heroine’s spiritual training collapses!

2023-06-27 08:57:50

Starring Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd, directed by Sam Levinson of “Eighteen Forbidden High Schools”, with BLACKPINK Jennie playing a supporting role, the HBO series “The Idol” was originally scheduled to broadcast six episodes, but was later cut into five episodes, and will be released on July 7 The finale is ushered in on the 3rd. Is the plot that has made no progress at all clearer?

Body and mind training is awkward enough

In fact, I thought there would be explosive progress before the finale, but it didn’t. The story still revolves around the insignificant “body training” of Jocelyn played by Lily-Rose Depp and Tedros played by The Weeknd. In the new episode, Tedros even fingered Jocelyn in front of everyone. The large-scale picture depiction did not help the plot progress at all, but made the audience very embarrassed.

Embarrassing erotic interaction between the hero and heroine of “The Idol”

Not only that, but Tedros put his training methods on Xander, played by Troye Sivan, and shocked him with an electric collar on the grounds that he did not tell the truth to Jocelyn, which made people look confused. When Jocelyn learned that Tedros had an unusual relationship with Dyanne played by Jennie, she asked her ex-boyfriend to have an intimate relationship, just to anger Tedros. The messy narrative of the story has completely raised doubts about the director Sam Levinson. Is this really the work of the director of “Eighteen Forbidden High Schools”?

Xander, played by Troye Sivan, is electrocuted

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BLACKPINK Jennie debuts as a dark horse

Dyanne played by Jennie won the new song that Jocelyn was supposed to release, had the opportunity to sign to a major agency, was ready to become the next cash cow of the record company, and guaranteed that she would become the next superstar. but seemingly good DyanneI still hope to tell Jocelyn that she plans to use her song, her original team and style to enter the market as a dark horse.

Jennie will debut as a dark horse in the drama

When Jocelyn learned about this and the relationship between Dyanne and Tedros, she seemed to be blessed on the surface, but she found her ex-boyfriend to make Tedros jealous, and the whole relationship between the characters fell into a mess. However, Jennie, who has more lines in this episode, also has more emotional changes, but the character’s personality still lacks space to explain.

Jennie came to inform the heroine that she was going to debut

It is worth mentioning that before the broadcast of the fourth episode, the original soundtrack of The Weeknd, Jennie and Jocelyn’s cooperation album “One Of The Girls” was also released, which is very The Weeknd style.

Jennie IG shares new song recording

The role actor’s body and soul are separated, and the core value is worrying

Earlier, the American media did not have a high evaluation of this drama, and even mostly negative evaluations. I originally thought that this series should be given a chance, but after four episodes were aired, I still couldn’t see the core value of the director and screenwriter. The performance of the main actors is very devoted to the role, and there is absolutely no problem with their acting skills. However, there are big loopholes in the overall logic of the character’s behavior, which prevents the audience from resonating. It is a pity that the character is separated from the actor’s body and soul. What is even more worrying is that all the nudity and erotic scenes of Lily-Rose Depp in the play are almost unnecessary, and people often think, Why?

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Lily-Rose Depp nudity mostly unnecessary

If the whole story is to emphasize what kind of predicament Jocelyn encountered in the process of being reborn, how she broke through this predicament, and the pull, it is difficult for the audience to understand in the current episodes . Originally scheduled for six episodes, it has now been cut into five episodes. I believe there is only one episode left, and the story will definitely not be explained clearly. Should we look forward to the second season? However, if you want to be stuck in such a “teaching vortex”, I believe that all expectations will eventually be torched.

The finale of “The Idol” airs on July 3 and can be watched on HBO GO.

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