“If to tell a truth …”: Denisse Flores attacked after Rodrigo Herrera’s complaint for intimate accusation

The blows continue after the controversial sayings that Denisse Flores launched a couple of weeks ago in a Spanish program, in which she accused Rodrigo Herrera, her ex-husband, of being unfaithful to her with a man.

Since that minute, both have starred in a media round where several clubs have been sent. The journalist even made the decision to file a complaint against him for serious insults.

“As for the almost criminal lawsuit!… I imagine that the courts are there for important cases and not to waste time with someone who was offended. If by telling the truth they want to scare or intimidate you, they are very wrong. Asking for compensation or jail is super, I can ask that the character jump from a 12th floor… there is no deception in asking, ”he revealed in dialogue with meter.

In addition, in the middle of the talk he referred to the stir that his intimate statements generated. “It was hard for me to believe that this issue was still so important in my country and that it went so far. Here in Spain he is not known and I did not even give his name, but the Chilean journalist -Cecilia Gutiérrez- did her job, “she said.

On the other hand, he also responded to concerns about the accusation against Rodrigo Herrera, although he avoided adding fuel to the fire.

“There are things that have no return. The subject is forgiven, forgotten and buried. It is better to forgive for your sanity, but I think that going into details would already be morbid, ”she added.

He even referred to how he faced the controversy at the family level. “My son lived every situation with me, he is aware of everything. He is very mature, I have no reason to hide anything from him, the networks are open, he knows everything I have said, “he said.

Rumors and a message to Rodrigo Herrera

In addition, he also took advantage of the opportunity to talk about the alleged rumors that Herrera was ashamed of his performance as a dancer.

“The issue of denying me happened clearly because you didn’t tell your family and close friends that you contract something as important as a marriage,” he let off steam.

Finally, Flores jumped at the chance to send her ex-husband a direct message. “If you worry too much about what people will say, you can never be yourself. Just that,” she finished.

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