“If you are rich, I will communicate with you”: Ilana Yuryeva from “Ural dumplings” made a provocative statement

A participant in the show “Ural dumplings” alarmed the audience with a fresh post on her personal microblog. The statement of Ilana Yuryeva is hotly discussed on the Web.

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“If you are rich, I will communicate with you,” the artist began her post. She explained that there is a category of people who are very eager to be friends with the rich and famous. In her opinion, the statement that “your environment makes you” should not be taken literally.

Ilana stated that such persons “lick” moneybags and treat ordinary people with contempt and arrogance. In particular, such individuals are rude to service personnel or people who are at the workplace and, therefore, cannot respond to their rudeness.

Yuryeva wisely noted that life is a game, and today a person can have everything, and tomorrow – nothing, and vice versa. The comedian urged the public to look first at the person, and not at his material well-being.

Subscribers reacted vividly to the statement of the artist. The vast majority agreed with the words of Ilana Yurieva.

Note that in his account on the social network, the star of the “Ural dumplings” usually shows behind the scenes and shots from his everyday life. Previously, 34-year-old Yuryeva vacationed in Thailand. While there, Ilana shared beautiful shots with fans.

And recently, Ilana also published a very spicy video. In the video, many fans noticed that the star appeared without underwear. Fans were delighted with the curves of the body of a spectacular celebrity.

Photo source: Global look press/Anatoly Lomokhov

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