Ilham Shaheen boldly admits to the moral concessions she made to directors and producers at the beginning of her career to enter the world of acting.. and this is more than he took advantage of and took from her everything he wanted and more!

The artist, Ilham Shaheen, confirmed that she did not change her principles and did not make concessions to maintain her position in the artistic community, and did not change her opinion of dancing, especially that she presented a large number of plays, most of which depended on dance: .

Elham Shaheen said that she measures age by the wonderful moments she lived in, noting that she was married twice, and did not engage in secret romantic relationships.

Shaheen added, during her interview with the media, Basma Wahba, presenter of the “Al-Arafa” program, on Al-Mehwar channel, that she considers that she has presented one movie in her artistic career, and that she does not wish to announce her retirement, unless something forced her, such as illness.

On the relationship of art and religion, she said: “What we embody in art, we should not link it to religion. In the current month of Ramadan, I present the personality of a woman belonging to ISIS, does this mean that I am being killed?!” And if you embodied the character of a drug dealer, does this mean that we are actually dealing in drugs?! If we link everything to religion, we will not do anything at all, we will see angels and we will not have any message to present.”

And she stressed, that she rejects religious extremism and extremism in opinions, and forcing others to be like them, so if there is a person with extremist views, he should not impose them on us, and in the end, God is the judge and who holds us all accountable: “I am against that we hold some accountable. Because of his religion, and no one thinks that he is more religious than the other… and this is the urgent devastation that has swept us from social media.”

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