I’m disgusted. A heartbreaking story of burglary and loss in Pepins – Christelle Carion’s experience

2023-09-20 15:11:00

“I’m disgusted. After Covid and the floods… I was only starting to get my head above water and here is this… Even though I have the withholding tax to pay and €5,000 electricity bill”begins “Betchette” (Christelle Carion).

“That” is a cowardly burglary, this Wednesday, September 20 at 9 a.m., opening time. “I parked and saw a person enter through the tenants’ door, it apparently wasn’t properly closed since it wasn’t the tenants who opened it. I saw him without knowing that the guy was going to steal… When he saw me, he went to hide in the stairwell. There is no alarm in the corridor but a camera”she says.

Since then, the face of a thief has been displayed in several Pepins businesses and on Facebook. “I went to prepare my cash and I took the recipe (from yesterday and the weekend) which was in a box. I put everything in my bag then I went to serve customers on the terrace. I then spoke with people from RESA, because we will be without electricity on Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (I won’t be able to open).”

A former client?

At that moment, the man leaves his hiding place, slips into the café and takes the bag as well as a bag of money. “The notes from the recipe! The customers saw him running away. This money was supposed to go to the bank tonight! I filed a complaint directly. I’m pretty sure the police know who it is. I think so too that he has already come for a drink… I posted his photo everywhere, but I will never see my €3,700 again. I get up every day to come to work, I can’t take it anymore, I’m exhausted… L “Insecurity is everywhere.”

The following ? Christelle Carion has no illusions. “There will never be one. He will be insolvent. We’ll just give him the big finger if we find him. I’m trying to get things going again (the fair, etc.) and they’re putting obstacles in the way. I hope that we will find him, that we will find my money. And if he no longer has it, let him work, let me have his unemployment or his CPAS returned to me. And, finally, let him be punished, even if Justice is no longer like that.”

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