(I’m full of you and I want your husband, Amr Adib) … Watch the media’s excitement for Lamis El Hadidy and her sudden response!

The famous doll, Abla Fahita, embarrassed the media, Lamees El Hadidy, on the air, prompting the latter to respond.

And the media, Lamees Al-Hadidi, hosted the famous doll, Abla Fahita, earlier, through a telephone interview, on her “A Last Word” program, on the ON channel.

Abla Fahita said during the meeting: “I’m full of you, Lamis. I want your husband, Amouri.”

“Abla Fahita” by Lamis Al Hadidi: “I’m full of you… and I want your husband, Amouri.” #final_word #ON

It is worth noting that Abla Fahita presents the “Live from Duplexes” program, which is shown on Thursday and Friday every week on ON channel.

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