Image confirms iPhone 14 Pro screen with pill and circular holes Instead of the original notch?

The latest confirmation image, claiming to be a display schematic for the iPhone 14 Pro, has been published online. There was a big change with the pill-shaped screen punch and circle next to it. instead of the original large incision

The image was posted on the Chinese social networking giant Weibo. It was later shared by Jon Proser. A source confirmed that the image was accurate and shows the size of the hole punches on the pill- and round-hole screen. This is consistent with rumors that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will change the notch.

Alleged iPhone 14 Pro Leaked Schematics Show Actual Size of Hole and Pill Cutouts

In addition, Ross Toung, a reliable source of accurate commentary and information several times before. He had commented on this matter that the hole for the pill-shaped screen was right in the center. This is different from the schematic that is currently being shared.

In 2023 or next year, Young also said that all iPhone models will have the same screen hole punches. It is no longer only available in the Pro and Pro Max.

Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo once said that by 2023, Apple plans to provide Face ID under the display This means that it will be a screen design that fills the front area with no notch at all.

However, it is currently too difficult to confirm whether the new iPhone 14 data is accurate. But it is expected that when closer to the launch period, there should be more clear information.

Source: macrumors

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