Image of a newborn who removes the mask from a doctor goes around the world: “We all want a sign”

The picture of a newborn baby who removes the mask from a doctor’s face in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, it went around the world.

The gynecologist Samer Cheaib, who stars in the famous capture, He shared the photo on his Instagram account along with a message of hope in the midst of the pandemic.

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“We all want a sign that we are going to remove our mask soon”, was what the professional wrote in his account of the popular social network.

The portrait of the doctor, who appears smiling while the child clings tightly to his mask until removing it from his face, has generated thousands of comments.

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Several have even cataloged it as “The photo of the year”, while others value Cheaib’s message regarding the desire for the health crisis to end as soon as possible.


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